Whittier College Top Questions

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Its small but is very close to a big cosmopolitan city.


Whittier College is a private school with small classroom sizes, which gives students more individual attention. Large Universities, which have lecture style classrooms and teaching techniques, make it easy for a student to become just a number. For this reason, Whittier College was my only choice and the only school i applied to.


It is a small campus compared to most other schols. We therefore get more one on one time with our professors which helps a lot if we have questions or concerns about our grade or anything we don't understand. I love that i can talk to my professor if I need to right away and i don't have to wait in a long list to see them, as compared to other larger schools. I also like the small class sizes, there are a few students and that makes learning easier for me.


Whittier College's location is unique because it is close to the mountains, the beach, and LA. Another unique aspect of Whittier is it's Societies. Whittier College societies are non-greek Fraternities and Sorrorities that are only at Whittier College.


The interactions between the professors of the college and the students. It isn't uncommon to run into one of your professors at the local coffee shop and have an intellectual discussion with him. The small class sizes help each professor learn about each student and tweak the content of the class in order to best fit the students in it.


gives students freedom


Its small and it feels like one big family