Whittier College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I brag about how I am in California because I am from Boston. I brag about the amazing room mate that I had freshman year and all of the people that I have met. I love the dances that are held there and the closeness to the beach and LA. I brag about the oppurtunities that are given in classes. I brag about the weather, of course.


Whittier is a great, small liberal arts college that has involved teachers, small classes and a diverse student body. Whittier is close enough to the mountains to go snowboarding after class or surfing at the beach, with enough time to make it back to your dorm for a good night's sleep to get ready for classes the next day.


Small class sizes, incredible professors who are well known in their fields of study, close interaction between faculty and students. It is incredibly easy to talk to professors outside of class.


The people I get to meet, and the fact that I am going to a school so small that my professors' know my name and remember papers I have written . Also that we don't have traditional Greek Life we have societies, and they are so much fun. They are academic, but social too, there are parties, but the networking is great. You can meet alumni and amazing authors all in one week.


I tell that them that I have mande so many friends and developed relationships with the teachers