Whittier College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


If your parents can't pay your college tuition, I wouldn't recommend you come here. They lure you in with large financial aid package, but tuition goes up a couple thousand dollars every year, but your financial aid will only stay the same ro decrease. It's a trap.


A person who wants to go to a big school with a lot of people. Someone who does not like when attendance is counted toward their grade. Someone who does not like to interact with professors and does not care to speak in class


Whittier College is not for those who are in college for the social aspect. Whittier offers strenuous courses in all majors, so those who do not take their academic careers seriously will find it hard to stay on course. Students who are not used to harder classes, such as those offered at a liberal arts college, may struggle in an institution that offers a demanding workload.


A person that does not want to go to a small college - where everyone knows each other and the professors, and a college that is close to the city.


ones without ambition


Someone who wants a big, USC kind of experience. It is a very small school where almost everyone knows everyone.


A person that has a very open mind and isn't afraid of meeting new people and trying new things


Someone who cannot be self-reliant, resourceful, or fearful of expressing your thoughts aloud.


Someone who is a devout Christian not looking to be in a VERY liberal environment, and/or who is partial to larger classes.


If you don't like getting personal attention and don't like the thought of learning more then book stuff don't go. If you want to party more then learn there is no room for you at the school. Whittier tries to teach you more then just books, but you need to focus on that and accept that life is so much more.