Whitworth University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Traditiation for the win!!!! Traditiation is basically the multitude of events that go on the for the first week of a students freshmen (or first year for transfers) at Whitworth. Events consist of everything from being led by your dormmates blindfolded across campus to Yell Off (a chant and yelling competition between dorms) and wooing (where guys from different dorms sing songs to the ladies of each dorm). Basically, the entire week felt like an amped up version of summer camp!


Whitworth is best known for the community that it provides as well as it's wonderful education program. Also, graduates from Whitworth hardly ever have a tough time receiving a job after they graduate.


Whitworth is known for it's high academic and sports performances, but more than that, it is known as a place where people take the time to invest in each other. As I observe those around me, I see students eager to broaden their perspectives and worldviews., which gives the campus a proactive atmosphere. Both students and teachers are passionate about what they are learning/teaching, and it inspires me to set my goals high. It is a place known for education of the mind and heart.


My school is best known for the community that it builds for its students. It is a small school and so it is possible to know many people at this school and you always have someone to study with or to watch a movie with on a Friday night. It is also possible to bi=uild a very strong relationship with your resident assistant. My school is also well known for the opportunities that students have through this school. There are many internships and job opportunities available because of the ability of the students and the reputation of the school.


We have a very strong Christian emphasis here and it influences factors in to everything we do at Whitworth. Some Christian perspective is discussed in almost every class and although the students do not need to be Christian to attend, all the professors have signed statements of faith and are Christian. Whitworth's moto is "an education of mind and heart" and they truely focus on giving you the tools to create a wonderful future full of success and service to God and humanity.


Whitworth is best known for good Professor student ratio, and the easily accessible teachers.


Being a christian school with a very open and accpeting mind.


Very academically oriented; strong sence of community; committed, caring, and knowledgable professors; safe, fun and friendly campus life; beautiful campus.


a lot of things, but best of all it's community

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