Whitworth University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I brag about the community and how welcome I felt when I was looking at the school as well as the professors and their passion to teach what they do.


Our school has an amazing community! We are a very small school, so everyone knows each other pretty well. We are very close and everyone is so friendly. The professors and students connect well with each other - I have yet to hear a student have any genuine dislike for a Whitworth professor!


I tell my friends about how beautiful the campus is and how I feel like I fit in here. I tell them about how Whitworth tries to include all students in its activities and tries to bring together freshman with upperclassmen. I tell them about the interesting traditions Whitworth has, such as Traditiation and fairs in the HUB.


The community here is amazing. People are very firendly and eager to meet everyone else. The school always has activites for the students and the dorms have nightly activities for the residents. Additionally, the school is fun without the need of alcohol and drugs. There is no pressure to do that sort of thing, because it is not allowed on campus. The teachers are all experts in their area, which makes it more interesting to learn.


I brag about the academic experience of Whitworth. I love the professors in my major (Peace Studies) and I have deeply enjoyed the classes I have taken for my major. I feel as though most of the students within my major are fairly open-minded and that the Professors certainly are.


How hard our classes are and that we have to work much harder in order to get better grades, thus preparing us to do better after college.


The thing I brag about most is definitely the amazong community at Whitworth. I have made so many friends and amazing relationships here and I feel like I have a family here. I know many of my friends here will remain my friends later on in my life and I feel like Whitworth is my home.

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