Whitworth University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Any type of person can attend Whitworth. Although it is a Christian school, there is something for everyone here! I have met many non-Christians here who enjoy Whitworth. The classes are small and the professors know you by name and the community is amazing! So, if you want a great education, personal relationships, and to feel like you are a part of your campus where everyone knows you, then you should come to Whitworth!


Someone who loves to be outdoors and doesn't mind the cold. The majority of the student body is extremely social and focuses more on friendships than school work. The workload is challenging for students who are not motivated, but students who have a good work ethic in high school and bring it to college with them will succeed at Whitworth. It isn't the typical "Christian" college. Students who want to be allowed to ask tough questions without being shot down are welcome on this campus. Also, someone who loves to say hello to everyone.


Whitworth University is the right school for people who are academically focused, yet enjoy physical activity. There are a lot of athletes that perform here, but they all maintain high GPAs. This school is very difficult, so focused and determined people will get the most out of their education. Every personality will fit in on campus, because the resident assistants go out of their way to learn who the people in their halls are, encouraging people to brand out and meet others.


Any personality can find its fit within Whitworth University. The diversity in the campus life found between East and Warren Halls and even more so off-campus housing makes it possible to live whatever lifestyle you choose. The professors must give a declaration of faith to teach; it is imperitive that one is willing to hear a point of view that is decidedly Christian, though belief in this view is not required. A culture of critical thinking is proliferated on the campus; professors offer their view in hope one will develop one's own conclusions based on the facts presented.


Anyone who wants to lear, meet new people and discover more about themselves should attned this school. People who know how to study and how to have fun, or at least, who are willing to learn how to balance these two seem to succeed. The best candidate is one who is willing to grow and learn from other people (students, professors, themselves). You don't need to be perfect or have everything figured out to go here. My advice is to be willing to learn and able to adjust.


Anyone that is really serious about pursing a career in radio, television, film, media, or graphic, should attend Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts. It is a relly good place to start. Not only do you gain literary knowledge but, you also get hands on experience and learn to work on group projects, which in turns, help you to develop your knowledge and skills in learning how to make an idea work, through team effort. It give you a taste of what working in the industry would be like. The instructors show a true passion for the industry.


People who are focused and are willing to put a lot of time into their homework. People who just barely pass classes will not fit in.


Those who want to integrate Christian faith with a high level of learning, or people who want to be welcomed into a college community. Also, non-Christians should come here if they want to see how Christians make sense of the world.


Some one who enjoys community and wishes to grow in faith and in their education.


Someone who is interested in attending a college that is small enough to know almost everyone, and bug enough to feel like college should. Someone who wants a strong community supporting them through anything they encounter


Most Whitworth students are conservative however they are some of the friendliest and most outgoing people I have ever met. Incoming students should be active, outgoing and open minded. Most importantly though, students should just feel comfortable being themselves. Students who have a smile on their face, an open, giving, caring heart, and a desire to challenge themselves both personally and academically will most certainly fit in and feel comfortable calling Whitworth their home.


I think that the students are generally more conservative, middle-class Christians. Someone who wants to live on a smaller campus and be able to build more relationships with professors are definitely able to do that here. If someone wants to play sports, but still have a strong emphasis on academics as well would be well-supported by the Whitworth faculty and coaches.

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