Whitworth University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Buy a calendar and a planner, and stick to it! Oh, and buying a printer helps too.


Which dorm to live in. There is a dorm that is reserved just for freshman and it is a blast to live in. I live across campus, but I still spend a lot of time there... so I guess it doesn't matter.


Although the classes are more rigorous at Whitworth than at many institutions, I wish I had known how well my high school education had prepared me for college-level classes. I wish that a current Whitworth student could have helped me select classes based on my previous educational experience; that would aid me in selecting classes and professors that would enable me to receive the best education possible. I also wish that I had known more about the campus atmosphere and had recognized the friendly, caring community that exists at Whitworth University.


I wish I had known the real cost of college and had searched for a job on or off campus sooner to help ease the cost. I also wished I had known more about the academics that I was getting myself involved and would have liked to come better prepared for my classes and workload.


The only thing I wish I had known before I came to this college is how friendly people are. I walk on the "Hello Walk" and people I have never met will just say Hi to me and it is really great. Everyone is just so friendly.


Maybe that some professors prefer to have class sizes around 15-25. Sometimes I feel like there is a high demand for classes (as is evident from the waitlist numbers) but professors are hesitent to make the class sizes larger because they want to provide more opportunity for in depth discussions.


I wish I had known how difficult it would be to be away from my family, friends, and the place I had called home for 18 years. I would have worked harder on appreciating the life I lived back home, and how different--not good, not bad, just different--life would be in Spokane at school.


I wish I new more about Spokane before I came to Whitworth. I now know Spokane offers an array of activities ranging from city life to romping around in the hills. Being able to get away from campus is what I sometimes need to keep going strong.


How harsh the winters in Spokane were.


How cold Spokane is.


I wish I know how to better equip my dorm room and what clothes to bring. I'm not used to the cold weather here in washington so I wish I had been better prepared for that. I also wish I was better prepared for emphasized religion is here, I knew it was a Christian college. However I wasn't expecting quite so many people to be so devout, in an almost discriminatory way if you aren't quite as orthodox as them.


I wish I had known that the journalism department was behind on things. For the most part the curriculum was based on solely print journalism. I was interested in broadcast journalism. Though faculty memebers tried to help me with getting the skills I needed, I became frustrated and decided that would do better if I did copywritting instead.

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