Wichita State University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Wichita State University is an outstanding college that offers lots of opportunites for their students and continues to shock the nation with incredible wil power.


Wichita State University is by far the most family like university I think I could have ever attended, and I am very thankful for all the people who try to help me be successful now and in the future!


Wichita State is heavily focused on the future not the current student population.


Awesome school spirit and a wide range of majors and monirs to choose from.


The campus is located in a more ghetto area of Wichita and the parking situation is terrible.


Wichita State University is a very diverse campus with great staff that are always willing to help.


Wichita State is urban university with a diverse mix of people


My school is not too big.


Wichita State University is a school that allows the student to have access to whatever is necessary to accomplish his or her goal in receiving a great education education.


My school is a fun place to be, we get competitive with our sports and serious about our grades, we never get too busy to join in some of the fun that happens in the student center whether it be bowling or Modern Warfare tournaments.


My school is big, friendly, and an overall great school.


Wichita State is a great school to get some bang for your buck!


Wichita State University is a 4 year degree school that offers graduate degrees and it is a big school in a big city but what is great about Wichita State is that even though it is a big school, it still doesn't necessarily feel like a big school because the class sizes are resonably smaller compared to other large colleges.


Wichita State University is a great college, along with learning, campus life is fun and gets you involved in activites.


My school is friendly, wonderful campus, just the right size with a lot of school spirit.


My school focuses on taking care of each student, and supporting them in whatever it is they chose to pursue. As my high school challenges me to succeed in every responsibility I take on, I know that Wichita State will do the same. Growing under the eye of my current high school teachers for four years, I have come to know their honest intentions to aid me in college readiness and success. Knowing many of the Wichita State University staff greatly helps in trusting that this college will do the same as the high school I am accustomed to.


I'm a 35 year old marrried mother of two trying to get my degree before I'm 40.


Wichita State University is a great metropolitan school that offers a good education to all of the students as well as a chance to get involved in many on campus traditions and organizations


Great community university with diverse programs and a strong emphasis on balancing activities and academics.


A fun place to learn and enjoy your college years.


This school is a small commuter school.


My School appreciates the cultural diversity that international students brings to American Community and hopes tomake WSU safe and enjoyable for all people with excellent education.


WSU offers all you could want from an University.


Wichita State University is more directed to people who are going into the medical field, engineering field, or music education field.


My school is full of students and crowded hallways, also a fun place to learn and great people.


Wichita State is an excellent school, the teachers are some of the best in their field, classes are competative without being stressful and campus life is in full swing 24/7/365.


Wichita State University is a diverse, laid back but achievment-oriented university.


Wichita State University is a virtual utopia for the aspiring college student.


It is a very beautiful campus, and it has a wonderful Management program.


My school is very diverse.


WSU is a very lively school to attend; we have many extracurricular activities, clubs, sororities, frats, & volunteer programs that you can join.


Wichita State University is a school that wants students to succeed and further their careers.


Wichita State University is a is located in a metro location yet it still has the college atmosphere.


Wichita State is "the place" where one can truely find themselves emersed with diversity, knowledge, and opportunity to pursue your passion.


Even though I struggled through my first semester I had tutors for every class to help me pass my classes.


Wichita State University has a friendly atmosphere that allows students to reach their academic goals.


Wichita State University is a cozy environment dedicated to the overall wellness of every individual towards social and intellectual interaction.


A fun, untraditional school where there is always someone new and friendly you can meet :)


A nice school. Not too big. Not too small. And worth the money!


My school is very diverse., the students are from every walk of life from just being out of highschool to people that have already started famlies.


Wichita State is innovative in it's approach to education with personalized attention, small classrooms, and a multitude of opportunities to make students successful in their future career.


Wichita State University is home to doers, movers and shockers who are determined to successfully succeed in all they do.


nice and small, but very affordable.


It is a metropolitan institution in the largest city in Kansas, which allows the students access to a the resources of a cities as well as the resources of the univeristy.


WSU is a culturally and academically diverse university that cares about it's students and their level of readiness to help improve the community.


My school is a lot of fun and you won't regret coming to WSU.


Pretty boring, same people every class and every semester.


Wichita State University is a school that follows its saying that those who attend this school are Thinkers, Movers, Doeser, and Shockers" this school takes pride in ints students, sports, and academics.


It is a great school with friendly people and helpful professors, I recommend the school to anyone.


Very diverse cultural backgrounds attending a large multibiulding campus.