Wichita State University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The students are very friendly. The first time I came to the US I was welcomed by the students and it was an awesome experience.


They are very friendly and welcoming!


My classmates are serious about learning and helpful.


My classmates are phenomenal, outgoing, and caring people.


Many of my classmates are lazy and either don't do their work or skip class.


Most of my classmates are actually much older than I am because Wichita State is a large commutor school.


The students are very polite and eager to learn.


Diverse, goal oriented, social and community focused individuals.


My classmates communicate well and are very helpful in anything I need.


My classmates are dedicated, fun, goal-oriented, and crazy about Wichita State.


My classmates are exceptionally kind, understanding and nonjudgmental, there are several different variety of students who come in our University and all of them have one goal set in mind and that is to get an education.


There is a mixture of traditional and non-tradional students in the classroom. There are many other students that are studying here from abroad as well. The classroom sizes are small for the most part and you do get that personal attention from your instructor if you need to do so. The class sizes are usually around forty people, unless you are in a core class such as biology, it is a little larger, but you still can be noticed, unlike a larger university.


In both my psychology and criminal justice classes the people are all very genuine when they explain something or give their own view.


Students at WSU are friendly, helpful, and compassionate about their future!


Classmates tend to keep to themselves if they don't personally know you.


My classmates are mostly traditional students who are pursuing their interests at the university.


My classmates are ablsolutly fabulous; they are intelligent, fun, creative, helpful, and are great people to be around in general.


In the classes that I am in now the few classmates that I have had the opportunity to talk to have been very nice and very helpful if there is anything that I am struggling with.


My classmates are easy to get along with, funny, educated and varying age groups.


Being a Theatre Major my classmates are fun and funky! I love hanging around rehearsals and classes with them. They make my life so much more fun! As a whole, WSU has a great deal of International students, so it is a great way to experience other cultures and meet new people from all over the world in my classes.


My classmates are diverse, enthusiastic, inspirational, and dedicated to their field of study.


Dedicated to school work and very helpful.


My classmates, generally, are motivated adults that are seeking an education that will make them valuable in society.


My classmates are a whole bunch of different characters; there are the eaters who constantly chew something as the teacher talks, the active who are glad to participate in anything, the quiet who may survive a whole semster with no one knowing their name and of course the sleepers who are more than interesting to watch as their heads drop to the desk, and lets not forget the noisemakers and facebook addicts who act like they wouldn't function without keeping track of everyone's activities and goofy times.


My classmates are fun, energetic, and willing to help and learn at the same time.


My classmates are conducive to learning and very entertaining.


My classmates are willing to work hard and set their goals high.


Most of my classmates are older than me, and I have a hard time relating with them.


Very friendly and helpful.


My classmates are hardworking intelligent people who go above and beyond the requirements of classes to better prepare themselves for the business community.


The students at this university are very diverse and driven.


I do not know them well enough to describe them.


Most of my classmates have been friendly, easy to get to know, helpful, and willing to work together to support each other.

Amy Jo

Unless you're living in the dorms or you're part of a sorority or fraternity, you're almost bound to feel disconnected. I tend to go to school and leave, like most other commuters. However, there are several groups that students can join to make them feel more connected to other students and give themselves more of the "college life" feel. My personal favorite is an organization called Christian Challege. It's a really good, fun, safe place to meet, and it's right across the street from campus at River Community Church. There's really no better way to connect with people than in a church-type setting. I highly recommend Challenge. They meet Thursday nights for worship and lesson time, and small groups meet throughout the week. It's an easy way to have and keep friends and to stay connected to other people, whether you're on campus or a commuter student.


Most students at Wichita State University seem to be indifferent to most things. It is hard to get them involved in any sort of activity unless it involves alcohol or video games. They do not seem to take any pride in their school or want to make a difference in any way.


My classmates are a diverse group of people which includes non-traditional and traditional students.


My nursing class consists of 57 students. If I were to describe them it would be with the words: excited, ambitious, dedicated, compassionate, and ready.


My class mates are very passionate about school and always willing to help others do well. They are very friendly and welcoming.


Everybody has their individual study groups or cliques in the class but unites when the situation calls for it.


Diverse group of people from many different ethnic and social backgrounds.


My classmates keep to themselves and are typically students with off campus jobs.