Wichita State University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Engineering, Music and Graphic Design program


Business and Art education mainly for the koch industries programs that allow business students to thrive in pontential career goal sttings. With the arts there is a very heavy culture of diverse art activities Ive never seen at a university. Alot of the proffessors are even involved in outside of school activities.


The Wichita State Shockers Basketball Team, nice golf course and tennis courts


Our school is best known for the Dental Program. I have heard about this program multiple of times it has made me want to proceed into Dental Hygiene. It is also known for the basketball and baseball team. They are both really copetetive and the baeball team is uaully in the top 25.


Wichita State is known for several things. It is probably most well known for it's Aerospace Engineering program. However, Wichita State also has good programs in Health Professions and Business. Apart from academics Wichita State has one of the elite bowling programs in the country, as well as baseball and men's basketball.




Wichita State University is besty known for a great basketball team and crazy fans!


Basketball.. They have really good sports teams and are known for their sports.


Wichita State University is best known for it's aerospace engineering program. It is second in the nation only to NIT.


The school has a very strong aviation program. It also has a basketball team that won the NIT tournament.


We are known for our awesome basketball team! We also have great engineering programs, which we are known for specifically. However, many other fields of study have excellent programs including education, business, psychology, and more!


Academically, Wichita State is well known for their Engineering and Business programs. Students from all over the country, and the world, come to be in their Engineering program.


WSU is one of the few schools with a research wind tunnel facility. The engineering program is outstanding. They are also known for their multiple National Championships in the sport of bowling.


We are best know for our baseball team and the aerospace engineering program. Our men's basketball team won the 2011 NIT championship, so WSU may be known for that now also.


it's colors


WSU is best known for its basketball.


diversity of students and staff. cheap great location. sports baseball.


The W. Frank Barton School of Business.


WSU is best known for its Aero-space engineering program


Aerospace Engineering It has the National Aviation Research Institute affiliation that encourages talented students in that field to have a share of the breakthroughs as with regards to aeronautical studies.


My school is best known for its research facilities for engineering/technology related majors. It is consistently in the top 10 universities in terms of research money spent. It definitely benefits from being located in Wichita, the Air Capital of the World.


Wichita State University is known for offering a wide variety of extra-curricular activities along with academics. These include options such as division 1 athletics and intramural sports for athletes, or greek life and student groups. So many clubs and organizations exist, making it easy for students to find somewhere they fit in. However, WSU is also known to have an exceptional business program. The W. Frank Barton School of Business has a reputation of being the best business school in the area.


Wichita State University is known best for their business and engineering degrees.


Wichtia State Universtiy is best known for it's engineering schools!


Wichita State University is best known for the quality and affordability of education it can offer to students. We have an excellent engineering program, and can offer Business students hands on experience, as we are located in the largest city in Kansas.


Buisness, Education, and Nursing programs. As well as Basketball and Baseball.


Aerospace Engineering, gold and black, golf


their basketball team and their diverse student body.


Engineering and aviation


Basketball and baseball. Engineering?


Fraternties and Sororities.


Aerospace engineering and music. Unfortunately music is basically understood to be a worthless degree for a sucessful career. We have a lot of aircraft companies based in town to work with. But frankly thats the only sort of career that is catered to at WSU, or at least as far as I have heard.


Mainly business. It has three accredited programs in the business fields: Accounting, Economics, and Business Administration. It also has a good Entrpreneurship program. The job opportunities after attending this school are plentiful.