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The school has an excellent business program. It has a program called the Barton School of Business. It gets a lot of donations and is connected to the major businesses in the city that works with the school to inhance students in studying abroad. The school encourages students to participate several program that deals with international studies and internship to increase the chances of job acceptance from prestigious companies world wide including international. It welcome exchange students and drils us on globalization to help broaden our horizons as well as helping to improve the U. S. as a whole.


It's local, close to where I live. The student body is strives for perfection and uniting everyone. No matter what you like to do, whether it be bowling, drawing, running, playing video games, hiking, etc., Wichita State has a place for you. It is very easy to find a place to fit in. We also have a Quidditch team. They pretty much rock.


Wichita State is unlike any traditional university campus with all the traditional merits of a private or public university. The university is in the middle of Kansas's largest metropolitan city and serves a wide range of individuals from all socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds. Wichita State gives students the opportunity to partake in various academic and social organizations, and provides students a college experience that is both affordable and unique to the demands of a growing city.


Wichita State University is cocerned about the students that are attending there. The professors and the dean will help a student out with any questions or concerns about their education. Also Wichita State's internship program is the ideal way to find a students perfect future profession.


Wichta State University has the only Physician Assistant program in the state of Kansas, and although the school is about an hour drive from my home, it is a small price to pay for such an excellent program. The university is known for its great program and its dedication to excellence in the field of medicine.


It contracts with the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Dentistry. Students who apply for Dental School and get accepted from Wichita State only pay in-state tuition. No other schools around do that.


WSu is close to home. Many of the students are commuters and enjoy living at home, or being close to home, while going to college, like me. It has a good homely feel with nice instructors, yet is still very much a fully qualifed university.


Wichita State is located in an urban area and has an extremely diverse population. There is a large proportion of students that are international and makes for unique views and perspectives in the classroom and outside the classroom.


We do not have a football team.


If you are looking for a great business school in a metropolitan area with many industries to complete internships and coop education with, then Wichita State University is the school for you. The professors at Wichita State office a broad variety of perspectives and each has experienced the business world for themselves, thus offering great advice for undergraduates. I have personally gained the privilege to work with the Kansas Center of Entrepreneurship. It is an innovative industry that has the opportunity to change the economy in not only Kansas but also serve as the foundation for the nation.


The diversity is phenomenal. There are students from every walk of life, and numerous countries.


The small classes make learning enjoyable at WSU. WSU is a non-traditional campus which appeals to many different types of learners and professionals. The campus is easy to get to and there are many opportunities in the Wichita community that help make WSU a great choice for university experience.


I really think the size is unique and it's probably my favorite part about the school. The campus can accomdate all the students very well and is isn't too big that you're spending 5 hours trying to get from class to class. The class sizes are always really great and aren't overwhelmingly big.


The uniqueness of Wichita State is that it can be home for a wide variety of students. Any type of person will find a place here. The campus has a very friendly vibe to it. Students and faculty are in general extremely helpful and genuinely kind. Friendliness and acceptance may seem trivial attributes, but they are rarely found in such abundance and consistency.


Great location in a smaller city setting with strong community ties and outstanding academic areas.


It has one of the best business schools in the nation.


WSU professors provide more for their students and are willing to go the extra mile to help out. The advisers are always willing to help you out and to help you stay on track with your studies. While it is a hard-working environment, you can also know you're going to have fun and meet good people.


While you're in college take advantage of the activities offered on campus. In order for you to have a wonderful time while earning your degree you need to become social and get involved. That's what makes WSU so wonderful. There are so many activities to take part in or places to go where you can meet people. For example, the Rhatigan Student Center (RSC) is a great place to hang out and meet new friends, grab something to eat, bowl, play pool, play games, or to just study. That's what makes WSU so great.


Its a small school with a lot to offer.


I picked WSU because of the cost. I was unsure how the education would be, but now having attended last summer and completed my first full semester i can see how much of an education I am really getting. I love our fun, exciting and very competent professors that i am working with and i can not wait to start my next semester.


It's a commuter school, so the university campus appears much smaller than the actual student population.


The Pride they have not only in their university but also in their city!

Amy Jo

Registering is difficult, and there aren't a whole lot of people on staff who are willing to help you (and I don't necessarily think this is unique to WSU). Go directly to your advisor when you have issues, and things will get a lot better. It's a good school--really, it is. If you choose to be connected with people you'll have much more of a college experience than those who don't. It's just that this isn't K-State and it's not KU. It's not about college life. It's about getting a diploma. Finally, if you're from out of town, it's "Dubby-Es-You," not "Dubble-You-Es-You." ;-)


It's in the city so there are lots of inter possiblities


I only consdiered this schoiol due to its location and relative affordability, and the fact I laready had a job here.


Excellent job opportunities related to the industry you are studying, very affordable for the quality of the professors and classes available, and low cost of living for off-campus residence.


School spirit, memorable sports teams, incredible art department and very impressive anthropology dept.


Since WSU is located in the city of Wichita, I feel I have several options for spending my free time. Also, with so much industry, it has been very easy to find a good internship/job that will benefit any career. I feel very fortunate for that.


Wichita State University is a practical school. Reasonably priced, liberal arts oriented and close to the city center. It has everything you could want from a division I school.


We have a great mix of many different kind of students. We also offer many special degrees not found in a lot of other schools around this part of the country.