Wichita State University Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


The academics at Wichita state are some of the best. The professors and faculty really make school fun and easy for you by making sure that the classroom are small. They also are flexible with your schedule so they offer morning afternoon and evening class so that everyone can get the education that they deserve.


the academics pretty strong. Wichita State is one of the best colleges where you can get an aerospace engineering degree.

Amy Jo

You're gonna find great professors and awful ones, although I've found a lot more good than bad. In my own major, the education department is a joke. The only project for my intro to education class was e-mailing and web-camming with Vietnamese students to gain "cultural diversity." I am not going to be teaching in Vietnam. I'm going to be teaching in America. Nice as they were, getting to know Vietnamese college students didn't really further my knowledge of how to become an educator. Waste of time. The English department, on the other hand, is wonderful. Those were some of the first classes I've ever come out of knowing other students' names because my professors actually used them! I've learned critical thinking skills and writing skills (so please ignore any grammatical mistakes! haha). We had interesting discussions daily, and the professors were always very respectful of their students as they aimed us in the right direction.