Wichita State University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The teachers are always willing to help if you ask for it. One of them basically told us 'a close mouth will not get feed,' meaning they cannot read our mind when we need help. It is our responsiblity to ask and it will be given.


I brag about the atmosphere! Not only does Wichita State have a beautiful campus that is easy to navigate, but the students are diverse and the teachers really care. You meet so many great people, and learn so many things about different cultures. The teachers really do care about your success, and try their best to help you to succeed. Also, you can't beat going to a Wichita State basketball game and feeling the buzz of excitement and being one with the crowd.


I bring to their attention the quality of the program and facilty that work in the School of Social Work.


How career focused the school is. There are majors offered that lead to certifications or the ability to sit for a certification in a field which thereby gives recent graduates a better chance out in the job market.


When I tell my friends about my school I brag about the fact that Wichita State University has a Chic-Fil-A, then I tell them that I have only had one big lecture class and the rest of them have been small classes of only twenty to thirty students. I also like to brag about the fact that WSU campus is the home of the very first Pizza Hut. I also like to brag about the Shockers are the 2011 NIT Men's Basketball Champions.


We have the most peculiar college mascot of any other university I or anyone else knows: WuShock, the grinning shock of wheat. Our basketball and bowling teams are great being recipients of last years NIT and numerous intercollegiate championships, respectively. We're right-dab, smack in the middle of a growing metropolitan city with many offerings in both business, medical, and creative spheres. Wichita has that feel of a big city in a small town atmosphere, and Wichita State students can be a part of it all.


I love the opportunites to get involved in a variety of activities that WSU presents. I also love a program called Coop in which students are able to gain experiences from a work environment.


I brag the most about our comfortable class sizes at Wichita State.


When talking about Wichita State I brag mostly on their Speech Pathology program because it is deemed one of the best in the whole state of Kansas.


The music department, the professors who teach my communication sciences and disorders classes, the landscape, and the art work.


The amount of scholarship money given to transfer individuals.


I brag to my friends about the amazing art department Wichita State Unversity has as well as the supportive faculty members. Not only does Wichita State have a great academic program and great professors but I tell my friends about how Wichita State University is always improving the campus for the students.


I am making a lot of friends!


I think that WSU is awesome at finding students jobs based on the majors while in school, along with internships, and jobs after they have graduated


The convienance of spring/fall classes are amazing. With night, weekend, presession, internet, and half semester classes its really easy to match going to school with any schedule.


Due to its smaller size, parking does not tend to be a burden. The WSU basketball team is also another branch of the university that I would preach.


I brag the most about how there is not much social ife at the school. Students have children and work since it is not a traditional school. In my classes I remember having students students who did not have children and some did not, but the university did not do much I think to motivate students to involve themselves in more activities.


I love it here


I will say that the location is the best thing about my school


My fratenity


All sports teams are amazing.


fair sized campus, sports, extra curricular activities. food, cheap, fun great proffessors. availability of professor, food available on campus. rec centers and location


I usually brag about the campus and the quality of the different departments. We have a lot of top schools in different areas that show that quality of the whole school.


I usually brag about a couple of things: our base ball team, our organizations, and the way our school is hard to compare to different schools because it is not a very traditional campus. It may seem weird to brag about the last one, but it is so easy to brag about how I go to a medium sized university that doesn't contain all the stereotypes, especially with greek life. This experience has been beyond a breath of fresh air.


When I brag about my school I brag about the school mascot, WuShock. WuShock is an enormous bundle of walking wheat that possibly scares little children and adults but is filled with school spirit. As a child I was a bit unsure of WuShcok myself since it's highly abnormal to see wheat walking around with a grin. Now being a student at WSU I think it's cool to have WuShock as a mascot, although its still strange to see a bundle of wheat walking around.


I like my school alot because it's very diverse. There are many cultures and different religion all on campus and off campus. You can meet all kind of people here no matter what race they are and it's very fun getting to know other cultures besides our own.


I would have to say that the classroom sizes aren't big and you are able to get one on one help from the professors.


I love to brag about the internships and the entrepreneurial school Wichita State has to offer. Internships provide key experince and when it is combined with one of the best business schools in the nation... Watch out!


I am studying business and I feel Wichita State University has one of the best business schools in the Midwest, Frank Barton School of Business, and the classes they are offer are great. WSU really emphasize on the standard that they are required to be a Certified Business School.


My favorite thing about Wichita State is the variety of different activities available. Different events like Shocktober Fest, WelcomeFest, etc. They are a really fun way to get out and see very talented people and meet your classmates.


It has ample opportunities to further your education and career on and off campus.


My teachers in my Speech Kanguage Pathology major are great and love their profession so much. You can tell that they really want us to succeed.


I brag about the fact that the faculty is so willing to help students achieve their goals. I love the diversity and the willingness of everyone to help others.


How easy it was to recieve a double major and double minor


The size of the campus is perfect and the wide range of degrees and classes available are appropriate for the area. The teachers are almost always there to help the students due to smaller classroom loads. The price that I pay for all four years of ujdergraduate school is a decent price for the quality of learning and environment I am getting from it.