Wichita State University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The atmosphere could be better. When compared to other universities, such as K-State or KU, Wichita State's life outside of the academic arena does not fulfill the hopes of its students.


The parking situation is horrible. WSU's student body is largely made up of commuters so the lack of centralized parking is somewhat frustrating, particularly on days with bad weather.


The seemingly useless spending of money for things that could be better suited for the school.


How introverted the campus is. I have never noticed a strong level of interaction or encouragement for students to interact and meet new people. This is not a college for new experiences or to transfer states for. It is a commuter school for people that live locally and nothing more. WSU needs to focus on keeping people engaged with each other on campus. They have ample facilities (biliards, bowling, arcade) that are never used and are always empty. Students need to be driven to use them and appreciate the campus more as a result.


Lack of a unified student body. I think every campus needs to take much pride in a tradition, something that everyone can relate to and instead, people break off into their own comfortable niches.