Wichita State University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


The stereotype at Wichita State is that there is nothing to do at school or in the city, which is not true. The city of Wichita has a booming downtown where you can get great food and see a movie. We also have a imax theater where you can see a 3d movie and we have intrust bank arena where we had the acts like Taylor Swift, Trey Songz, and Lil Wayne preform. Wichita State also offers a number of amazing activities for students to do from golfing to working out and tons of great things to keep you going. So the stereotype that their is nothing to do in Wichita is not true. Wichita is what you make it and if you make it fun than you will have a blast being at Wichita State and living in my hometown of Wichita.


The only stereotype about the students here at Wichita State are the typical ones about people in the state of Kansas (middle of nowhere, tornadoes, miles and miles of fields of nothing but grass, more cows than there are people, Wizard of Oz, etc.). Typically, the city of Wichita and the University do not meet this stereotype for the most part. The city is pretty busy with many things to do and the campus is large with a lot in it.


I think there are enough students, there can't be one stereotype to rule them all (I may be a nerd, I am not ashamed). I have friends who are frat guys, jocks, sorority sisters, partiers and nerds. Wichita State has something for eveyone.