Wichita State University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


Wichita state University is the best place anyone could be. You practically get the value for your money in terms of academics and extra- curricular activities.

Amy Jo

I don't really spend any time on campus outside of class time--in fact, it took me a year to figure out where the student center was. I felt very much on my own to try to figure it out. Wichita State is quite a commuter college, as many of its students are folks who are returning to finish their degrees. If you're living in the dorms or in a fraternity or sorority there's a little more to do, but if you're living at home you're really not going to have a college experience at all. It's just school, and that's exactly how most of the students feel. As Wichita goes, it's a great city. I love living here! It's no New York City. Heck--it's not even an Austin. But traffic is easy, and there are some good hang out spots if you're willing to find them. Old Town, for example, is a great part of the city. You've got shopping, a coffee house, restaurants, an art gallery, and a movie theatre right in one little block. Century II puts on Broadway-caliber musicals in the summer, and there's always the bar and nightclub scene for legal students. It's a diverse city and a very diverse campus (watch out for non-English speaking professors in the engineering, science, and math departments). It's a good place to be, but again, it's not much of a "college life" per se.