Wichita State University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone who likes diversity and enjoys learning. I have made a lot of friends, and enjoy most every class that I have taken.


There isn't really one single type of person that attends Wichita State. There are adult students, foreigners, kids fresh out of high school, high school guest students, and even elderly folks. I think WSU is for every type of person.


Someone who wants to receive a good education. Someone who is willing to work hard for their education.


Someone who can accept diversity. People who are very involved will love it. The people that attend this university should either be the type of people who are naturally smart and dont have to study, or the people who arent naturally smart but are hard workers. If you don't work hard and aren't good at school academics will be difficult, but that is reguardless of what school you attend.


Anyone. Any person, from any place, whether in state or out or from a different country.


Someone who is willing to work hard towards their ending goals, and someone who is not anti-social. This city, Wichita, is filled with many activites which range from campus events to city-wide events. Someone who is shy may seemed a bit overwhelmed, but it is really a good experience of the college life.


A person dedicated to their education and future should definitely attend Wichita State University.


People who attend Wichita State are often interested in engineering or business. They are diverse and have a strong will to succeed.


I believe that anyone, no matter their age or backround, can attend WSU.


Wichita State University is accommodating to all students from different lifestyles. WSU is especially ideal for students who want a campus that is large enough to provide a large campus feel but small enough to personally know their professors. Students who want to obtain a job that benefits them for their future career would love WSU. Wichita State has an amazin gCo-op work program that pairs students with jobs that they are interested in to give students experience for theri future.


Wichita State University is known for the diversity on campus. They offer many programs ranging from Criminal Justice to Nursing to Engineering. Prospective students need to have dedication to their studies and tenacity. The type of person who involves themselves on campus and pushes their limits to gain knowledge. They need the ability to want to learn more. This is the type of person that should attend my school. I am proud to call myself a Shocker.


I would say that anybody could attend a school like Wichita State. Numerous different types of people go this university, and seem to be enjoying their college experience.


Anyone who doesn't want to attend a small community school but not an overwhelming large college. It's a middle sized school so it's not so big that you don't recogonize anyone on campus but not so small that everyone knows you.


This is a great school for students who want to attend a big school but still have the benefit of smaller class sizes.


I have seen all sorts of people on campus, so anyone should attend WSU.


Self started, motivated , focused and determined to succeed. Also someone that is fast paced.


Ideally, the perfect person to attend WSU should be able to manage their time well. There are seemingly infinite amount of activities around campus. If a person can balance schoolwork as well as enjoying the activities available, then he/she can truly benefit from all that WSU offers.


Any person would fit into Wichita State. There are a wide variety of people and you are able to fit in with all sorts of people. There is always a group for each individual!


Someone who is willing to work hard and study the major they are dedicated to, but may also be unsure of what they want to get a degree in. This college has a lot of great advisors who are willing to work with you, and explore your passions in life, so that they may point you in the right direction.


While WSU has alot of activities and social events, alot of students do no attend. We are a big commuting school where people drive to school and work then go home, which is off campus. Basketball games are a blast! If your a business major WSU is the BEST college you could attend we are ranked in the top 10% in world even above Harvard .


All types of people should attend the school. I’m a transfer student from the state of Washington and I have been to a few different schools and so far Wichita state is the best. It’s diverse and the school really makes everybody feel welcome. It doesn’t matter what race you are, gender or age; Wichita state will welcome your with open arms. If you’re ready to learn and have fun and meet lots of new people then this school is the play for you.


Any kind of person would fit in, no matter the race or age!


The kind of person that should attend Wichita State University is a person that loves making new friends. Also a person that loves basketball. They should love to participate in campus activities and they should want to be in organizational student groups that participate together and do fun activities together. A person who actually wants to learn and get an education should definitly attend WSU because there are many great professors and tutor groups that will make the college life for anyone easier.


Wichita State has no typical student. They're from an assortment backgrounds and perspectives, so any student will feel comfortable here. WSU is appealing due to reputable programs in all departments, especially nursing, aviation, and music. Students looking for a friendly, approachable campus, respectable academics and affordable tuition should take a second look at Wichita State.


Everyone should attend this school! It's a great foundation with an amazing dance and engineering department, along with many other amazing departments. If you are interested in any type of music, then this place is great. Their theater program is also outstanding, with the best Musical Theater program in the state of Kansas.


The kind of person to attend this school should be laid back, hard-working, and want an environment in which one can learn efficiently, this is definitely a good college. The school provides activities for every student whether a fine arts major or pre-med. There are always fun things to do and places to hang out with friends.


Anyone and everyone! Like I said above, there are many nontraditional students (the average age of a WSU student is 25 or so), but there are also many students in their late teens and early twenties taking a more conventional tack through college. There are regular day classes for traditional students, and many night classes for returning adults and working students. In terms of majors, Wichita has a huge aircraft industry, and thus engineering majors in general and aerospace engineers in particular are well served at Wichita State; the campus is home to the National Institute for Aviation Research.


Not everyone attends this school for the same purpose. Some attend for the parties, some to meet new buddies and some for the real reason why people are in school. Those who shouldnt attend are those whose sole purpose is to distract and constantly make noise for those who actually came to learn. Only those with a purpose and future plans should attend because thats what school is primarily for but then again, some people find their purpose after a couple of years swimming in a n ocean without direction so as for who should attend, i cannot discriminate.


A person that is looking to have fun and find themselves in a comfortable setting. Everyone is accepted no matter what they look like, sexual oritentation, or gender.


Anyone who wishes to acquire knowledge in a welcoming and uplifiting environment should consider attending Wichita State University.


Anyone that is willing to better themselves and start their lives and choose their career path. If thats whats on your mind then Wichita State is the place for you.


some one willing to sacrafice time to study and is ready to work hard.


Someone who doesn't have a lot of money to spend on school, but wants to get a great education from a very credited school. Also, someone who is working their way through college. (It offers a lot of evening classes)


The kind of person that should attend this and any college should be one that is sure what they want and expect out of their school. It's a lot easier to get the most out of your education experience if you know what you general path for your future schooling is.


A person who wants to do good in life.


Any type of person is welcome at this school. He college within the University is very specific, and it is easy to fit in. You should be career driven and goal oriented. You should be willing to try and experience new things. Between all of the sporting events, fraternities, sororities, and clubs, there is deffinitely something that will appeal to everyone.


I think this school offers a wide variety of experiences so any type of person would feel welcome. There is something for everyone here.


I believe anybody can attend this university and feel comfortable. Whether you are older, younger, traditional, nontraditional, no matter what race you are you can feel welcome at this school. There are so many accomodations made for the students that you can easily attend day,night or even weekend classes to fit into your schedule. This is great because it allows any type of person to be enrolled here.


The peron that should attend this school should be motivated and ready to take on any obstacle that they may come in contact with. They should be an individual who is ready to achieve their life long goals and not be afraid to go full force.


I think anyone could attend Wichita State University. The campus is very accessible to everyone and there is always something to do. It's on the lower end of the price range for state universities and doesn't require the extra money required at most universities to participate in school events, or even park on campus!


Business or engineering students


I think that anyone could attend this school. No one is discriminated against.


Varies, typical college age, or adults


I think anyone can attend this school. If you are from a small town I think this is the place to go because you wont feel as overwhelmed as you would going a larger university.


I think that any kind of person should attend this school. It is a great school that caters to people of all different races, genders, religions, political beliefs, or sexual orientation. There is not an overwhelming central belief, so anyone can feel comfortable here. The professors have a real interest in each student and their success.


The type of person who should attend Wichita State is someone who loves to work hard when it comes to academics, study and cram for tests (as in a week in advance and the night before), is willing to go beyond the curriculum being taught, and who is very driven. Wichita State looks for students with great school spirit and positive attitudes that can maintain the high energy required at games and events! Most importantly, someone who wants to make a difference in their community be it as little as it may seem!