Wichita State University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish that I would have known more people before I got here. Coming here alone was very scary at first, because I understand that networking is the best thing you can do for your future. Then again meeting new people is a blast. I also wish I would have known more about the parking services on campus for freshman in the dorms, because it is a struggle trying to get to places, not having my car right outside the door like at home.


I wish I had known how much change was going to occur while I was attending school. In the course of my three years of study there have been mutlitple changes in buildings and structures that have gotten in the way of my over all satifaction with Wichita State.


I love WSU, the only thing I wish I had known before coming to it, is what I really wanted to do with the rest of my life. WSU is a fantastic university, I just wish I would have known myself better before going.


I wish I had know that to get an A you need at 95% or higher in a good portion of classes.


Actually nothing because the only thing I personally stuggle with is my finaces. Paying for school seems to be alot harder than I realized once I was in and performing in classes, but the idea of actually getting no asistance to pay for school kept me from attending until I researched financial aid options. It was just kind of a leeson learned.


I wish I had known how to navigate the many scholarship opportunities that would have been available to me as an undergraduate student.


I wish I had known more information about the different programs, student groups, and opportunities for returning-adult students. Many of the programs and activities are geared toward first time students, many of whom are close to 10-years younger than myself. It has made it difficult and awkward to get involved with these groups as many of the other participants do not understand that I have a life outside of college that includes a husband, mortgage, and children to take care of. If I had more information before I enrolled I may have reduced the adjustment period for myself.


I wish I had known that on the first day, there are no available parking spaces.


That the dorm I live in is located 1.25 miles away from the dining hall.


I wish I would have known how many different organizations that I could've have involved myself in beforehand. Wichita State University offers many organizations that any student can get involved in. There are just so many that a student can pick from and many that I didn't know or have ever heard of.


I wish that more of the classes that I needed could be online. I have to commute back and forth (three hours total tuesday and thursday's) and with my two girls, I have to pay daycare and other expenses, which gets really expensive. If I would have known that a lot of my classes were not able to be done online, I would have tried to found another college that supplies my demand, but overall I love WSU! Go Shocks!


To have a previous job that could have been transferred to Wichita and have some money saved up.


I wish I would have understood the idea of a commuter campus. Few people live in campus, and it is sometimes difficult to get to know others.


I wish I had known more about the Greek organizations at Wichita State. I had always had the stereotype that people in Greek organizations just partied all the time, and did not focus on academics. However, soon after arriving at Wichita State, I learned otherwise. While it may be true that some Greek organizations live up to the stereotype, the Phi Delta Theta Kansas Delta chapter at Wichita State does not. That is why I am joinin this great organization. We put academics above everything. We also take very seriously community service and involvement, brotherhood, and moral rectitude.


I wish that I had known to study more basic classes, such as chemistry, biology, and algebra. I also wish I had known more about financial aid that headaches that come with the puzzle you have to go through to get all the paperwork filled out. I also would have liked to know more about how the professors react to students.


I wish I knew that freshmen being accepted with a pre-nursing major have an atomatic acceptance into the nursing school. Transfer students have to apply and the compitition is rough.


I wish i had known to require better study habits before entering into college and just how much self learning it takes to make exceptional grades.


I wish I had know exactly what major I wanted to pursue. I also wich I had known what scholarships were available.


I wish I would have known how hard it is to find a parking spot. Wichita State University is limited in the parking situation.


I wish I would have known more of the music staff before I came to this school. Also, I wish that I would have known that the school does not offer general scholarships to nonnew students at the university.


I wish I had known how difficult it would be to get a tutor, and work with the TRIO disability program. I am autistic, and I have had issues obtaining a tutor. I'm six weeks into my algebra class, and even though I have called repeatedly to the TRIO office and have set up times with tutors, something has happened to cause it to fall through. Just make sure you make it clear what you want in the beginning, to be delegient about getting the help you need!


Ratio of student to a professor


I wish I had known college was going to be so expensive, that way I could have saved more money. I knew it was going to be expensive but I did not account for all the fees that are added on to the classes' tuition and how expensive the books are, which for some classes we would need to buy three different books.


Before I came to this school, I wish I had known the incredible inspiration and assistance I would receive from my professors. Upon entering the college, I had great anxiety about whether or not I would make the cut in my department. In the last year I have not only gained so much knowledge about education, development, and methods; but, I have also improved my organizational and writing skills, taken up new interests, and gained so much confidence in my ability to provide students with a superior elementary education. I attribute this personal growth all to my wonderful professors.


I wish i had known how tough it can be to adjust to college life. Teachers are less personal, and as a student you must be driven to complete your homework on time and to study for tests without being reminded. It's your responsibility to succeed in college, not the teachers responsibility anymore.


I wish I had know the difficulty about the difficultly for international students to manage their fee. I wish I had more knowledge about the scholarships for the international students and how we can apply for them.


I wish I knew more about scholarship oppurtunities. It would have helped me out a lot fiancially when I began to attend Wichita State University. In my senior year of high school, I was never notified about any scholarship oppurtunities. Since I am the first child in my family to attend college, my parents and I had no idea what to do when enrolling for college. If we knew more about scholarships, it would have saved us a decent amount of money to better sustain our family.


I wish I had Known that they offer great internships with leading aircraft companies such as cessna, boeing and airbus which are in close relation to the school. I wish I knew this because the school I was in before had no affiliations to this companies and was more expensive yet offering less possibilities


I wish I had known how much easier college would be if I didn't fall behind at all.


That everything comes fast so take notes or tell your instructor to slow down. Also take part in scholarships early.


you dont have to get drunk to have a good time


I wish that I would have known that college professors are not like high school teachers. Some college professors don't care about your grade as much as others. But overall I feel pretty comfortable at Wichita State.


I wish I would have known better study habits. After attending an easier Jr. college, I wasn't ready for the more in depth studies a 4 year school required.


I wish i had known more about scholarships to come to Wichita State. Also, i wish i had got to experience campus life before i lived on campus. I think a lot of other people would choose to live on campus if they experienced it first.


I wish that before I came to WSU I'd have know how important my ACT scores were. This applies to any college, I could have gotten more scholarips had I known. I worked hard to get a good GPA, but I did't know how important ACT and SAT scores were to recieving scholarships.


I wish I would have known that the finances get tighter than you think they do during college. I would have planned better financially, worked more and saved more before attending college.


Before I came to Wichita State University, I had the image of college being very much like High School, which was definitely wrong. It is very different than where I went, because I never had to study in high school. Study, study, study.


I wish I would have known about the poor parking. It can take several minutes and several parking lots to find a spot to park. Even after you find one, you could end up being up to a mile away from your building. Also, the grading scale varies from class to class so it can be frustrating trying to figure out the grading scale for a particular course.


I wish I had known more people at the school.


The university is so engineering focused that all general ed studies resemble engeneering courses. The college algebra classes incompass a large portion of engineering type skills.


How important it is to get involved. Once involved, you meet so many people and are motivated to exceed in your school work.


Neither of my parents received college degrees, and I attended a small private high school. Consequently, I lacked the resources for proper college preparation. Having been accepted to more prestigious schools, I settled for Wichita State because of financial concerns. Would I have possessed some scholarship savvy, I might have acquired the funds to afford a more rigorous education.


I wish I had known about all the resources the Wichita State University campus has to offer its students. I don't believe students are aware of the resources that could help them progress academically. There should be a class that focuses on teaching students about resources of the university and how to use them to the fullest.


That is was non-traditional.


Do not procrastinate on school assignments. The day you get an assignment begin working on because the longer you put it off the harder it will be to do.


Before I went to WSU I wish I had had a better idea of what major I wanted to persue. I could have been able to focus my classes towards my major and eliminated the lower level courses earlier on in my schooling.


I think Wichita State University can do a better job to help new students familiarize with the campus. I wish I would have had more guidance from my general education advisor. I do not think I was given enough information about graduation deadlines, advising, etc.


How few eastern philosophy classes were offered.


I wish I would of known about more scholarships. I didn't know about the band scolarships they had in the class.


Wichita State University has been very easy to adapt to, so I don't think I wish for any previous knowledge.