Wichita State University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I think the professors and classmates are the best part of the school because you can feel the college community in a way that is positive and helpful.


The best thing about my school is how diverse it is. The first group of friend I had in college, outside of my high school friends, were from Nigeria. Working on campus, I am exposed to new ethnicities and cultures almost daily.


Going to Wichita State, allows you as a student to work a full time job, as well as be a full time student.


My dorms are awesome. It is a small set of dorms and we are very close knit, like a little family. This makes my college experience a blast!


The best thing about the school is the campus is very large and has the degree program I require for furthering my education.


The best thing about my school would have to be the classes. They are tailored in a way that you do not feel like you are one in a hundred. The class sizes, contrary to popular belief, are small. There are some lecture classes that consist of hundreds of students, but those are rare. I have communication with my teachers and they are always willing to help their students.


At Wichita State University, student involvement is outstanding! Joining organizations is very easy and accessible. During the first month of school all of the clubs, Greek houses, and churches on or around campus set up booths in the middle of campus and hand out friee infromation. All organizations are very friendly and accepting which helps incoming freshmen and transfer students feel at home. Many other schools scorn the fact that WSU does not have a football team However, not having a football team has intensified student involvement and support of all on-campus athletics and clubs.


Wichita State University gives students like me who are financially in need and who are also the first in their family to go to college, opportunities to overcome those disadvantages. By having great advisors and different student services we are able to have guidance and reassurance in pursuing higher education. We are provided with great tutors and mentors to be able to help us prepare for the intense job of being a student.


The free tutor and many other free services


The best thing about Wichita State University is that the student is able to choose from a wide variety of programs to follow. Being able to have many programs to choose from allows a student to decide what future that he or she will be satisfied with.


The best thing about Wichita State University is the diversity. There's so much to learn about the world at WSU with the many different people, majors, teachers, and cultures.


The best thing about Wichita State is the amount of diviersity that it has. I have classes with tons of people from all over the world, from several age groups, and with completely differing viewpoints. This is one of the reasons that I enjoy going to class because the lectures are always so interesting because there is always someone with something different to say.


There are a lot of opportunities to get involved on campus and in the community. This allows us to meet a variety of people and try a variety of things.


Without a doubt, the best thing about WSU is our friendliness. I remember that even before I became a Schocker, (Wu Schock is our mascot, thus we are the Shockers) on all of my visits to the campus, random people would wave or smile or nod in my direction as I walked by. Now, I carry that practice on towards almost every person I see not only on campus but everywhere I go. Any place becomes much nicer when the people there are friendly.


I love Wichita State, but the thing I love the most is the opportunities to connect with other students. WSU provides students with many activites and events in order for students to get to know each other. I have made amazing friends while at college, and I have Wichita State to thank.


The best thing about my school is the airy campus.


The best thing about Wichita State University is the availlability of classes. All of the classes I have taken so far really have many different times that make it easy for me to go to school and work while going to school. Being able to plan a schedule that is easy to change takes the stress out of enrolling for classes and trying to make all of the classes work with my work schedule.


The professors.


The best thing about my school is that there are many different options for classes. There is more than one campus to take classes at, online, day and night classes are also available to accomodate all students with all schedules and lifestyles.


The best thing about WSU is the overall optimism and kindness of the faculty and students. They're so enthusiastic about helping you succeed. They treat you like an actual person rather than just a number and they take the time to help you find the right classes and books that are suitable for your major/degree. I have never been rushed through an advising appointment and I've always been asked if I'm happy with my chosen courses. It's because of the wonderful people surrounding this school that I've always felt at home at Wichita State.


I really enjoy the diverse age range of the students here. Even though I am considered a non-traditional student I never feel out of place. The metro area of the school is also great it is located close to highways, shopping and resturants.


Many of the students at Wichita State are nontraditional students, like I am, so it helps to make me feel more at ease. Also, it is in a metropolitan area - the only such school in Kansas - and as such there are internship and job opportunities that aren't available elsewhere. By the same token, most of my professors are professionals, not just academics; I've taken a class every semester so far from a working professional acting as an adjuct professor.


The size. WSU offers lots of programs and opportunities without grtting lost in a huge crowd.


As stated above, the professors at Wichita State, in my experiences, have been pnenomenal. I think that they are the best thing about our school becuase individuals go to further thier education for a reason. To make themselves better people and to be successful. The teachers at Wichita State care enough about the development and success of thier students that make it easy to work hard, care about coursework and getting good grades.


Wichita State University is a college with a beautiful campus and excellent learning environment. There are many opportunities available for involvement in any topic. Students are challenged by topics from professors with excellent knowledge and backgrounds in education.


The baseball and atmosphere, being in Kansas there isn't a whole lot to do so it's fairly easy to stay focused.


faculty and staff only want the best for students. they want to see progress and that youre trying to succeed


The best thing about WSU are the students and the community because they get you so involved that your schedule is always busy. Everyone here is very welcoming and I love the atmosphere we have at WSU, it's almost indescribable.


The best thing about Wichita State University is the city it is located in. When searching for practicums and internships or just volunteer hours, there are so many choices right in front of you. You don't have to stress about driving such a distance to get some experience within your major.


I think the best thing about the school i attend is the variety of classes that they have that students can take.


The best thing about my school is that it is very friendly and they are always willing to help you. I think this is important because there is a lot of questions new students and even current students have and it is nice to know that someone on Campus can answer those questions.


The campus, because it is a beautiful place. I love walking around and seeing all the plants and artwork, it always makes me smile.


The best thing about this school is that it is a community based school. Wichita State is very active in the community as well as very career oriented in the community. The classroom sizes are smaller than most universities and therefore you feel a more one on one feeling, especially in your core classes. In my field it was very mapped out as well to complete the degree I was after.


I believe that our student center is the best thing because it is the one place students from all different backgrounds have a place to get together to talk, study, or just hang out.


I love that the school is very open and easy to find your way. That way I can do well .


This school is a good size. It's not so huge that you get lost but it's also not so small that you know everybody. The professors are very eager to get to know you and become a part of your learning experience. It's easy to get time with them because they actually care how you are doing and what to help you out and get to know you.


I chose to go to Wichita State University because I lived in Wichita at the time. While Wichita isn't a city that I love, it is familiar to me. So going to school in Wichita is convenient for me.


People. This institution serves as a superb example of what it means to treat an individual like just that, an individual. Most other institutions place students on scales and refer to them as little more than a number. At Wichita State University the faculty, staff, and alumni genuinely strive to get to know the students on a more personal level. This university allows one to form significant bonds. Also, the cooperative education program and National Student Exchange program offer students opportnities seldom seen on other campuses. The real world experience and metropolitan advantage offered by this university is unparalleled.


I would consider Campus to be the best thing about my school. It is very nice and attractive. It's always really clean and we are definitley a go green community! I have enjoyed my time here very much. It's not to big, but it's not to small. We are very people friendly and it's easy to find help if needed.


Location - it's close to anything you could need, really.


The class sizes are one of the best things about Wichita State. After attending a much larger school it's nice to see that even in lecture classes you can talk to your professor on a one on one basis to get questions answered. It seems that in many larger universities students can be lost in the crowd, it's very rare to see that at WSU.


The variety of people.


The people and environment, those who encourage me to focus on school and what's important, to have fun and be happy after day(s) of hard work.


The teacher's focus on their students and ability to be available to help the students. All my teachers have encouraged my classmates and i to ask questions and get help as soon as we needed it.


Not Sure


The very best thing about my school is all of the connections and bonds you are able to make with students, teachers, and staff. It is an incredibly social environment and everywhere you look, there is someone who knows your name and face! It is also really exciting to be in the community and run into someone who attends the same school you do because it brings Wichita together as a whole! Plus, it makes you feel really popular! I really like the fact that friendships are born here and last for years to come!


The availability of industry centered intership opportunities is outstanding. The majority of students are able to find an intership within their field before graduation.


The campus is kept in good condition. For the most part the staff is friendly. Feel like I am learning what I set out to learn.


The campus is very nice and sizably easy to cope with. The location of the school allows for a somewhat big city feel, while still having a small school atmosphere with smaller class sizes.