Widener University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Normal. Some pay attention and care, others sleep during class. That's just how schooling is for people, and you can find that anywhere you may go.


In compariosion to my classmates I attended school with at Philadelphia High School for GIrls, the students at Widener are very more approaching.


The diversity of the student body excites me! i have made friends from cultural backgrounds I had never been able to experience with interactions in the classrooms. :D The greatest thing is since we all are striving for our futures most all peers hold leadership in high regard and I find most of of my new friends are leaders in their own way and are thus like minded as I to push the envelope on conventional education to get the most our of their studies and to excel... I do not find when there is a student group project I am the only one doing all the research work for the report at the end of the week. It is my experience everyone at Widener jumps in to do their share and that is relieving allowing me to focus on what I am learning.


My classmates are all very hard workers. Many live on campus, some commute, but the best part about my classmates is no one cares who commutes or who is a resident. We all get along wonderfully and school is so much more rewarding because of it.


The sutudents at Widener University are hard working, strongly driven individuals that have set their goals high and are will to do whatever it takes to achieve them while still saving time for social activites and comunity volunteerism.


My classmates are intelligent, intellectual people from different backgrounds their approach to learning in class is a learning experience in itself for me.


Students here at Widener are active learners who enjoy engaging in classroom conversations with classmates and professors.


My classmates are typically involved in sororities and faternities., and with that comes the lifestyle.


My classmates are friendly and laidback.


Most care about school so they can get a good job and make money when they graduate.


They are very outgoing, helpful, and fun.