Widener University Top Questions

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Widener is unique in that not only is it a small private institution, but it also caters to people of all ethnic and racial backgrounds. The University has many schools of majors, which is why I chose Widener. Instead of having a nursing program, Widener has a School of Nursing. Due of this, people within those majors are more focused on their major and have a team of faculty specific to their studies, who are there for assistance. Also, the unique campus, being right in the middle of a lower class area, is extremely beautiful, safe and in excellent condition.


This school actually has a major for creative writing. I am a poet. I never thought I could write poetry as my major.


Unlike other colleges you see, there is next to no school spirit. The only thing that keeps you going is your friends. Your become extremely close to your friends because you have to in order to pass classes.


The thing that is unique about Widener Univeristy is that this school has a very plesant and friendly environment. Allthough widener is a pretty large school, you really don't feel like just a number here. The staff and faculty pays close attention to all of its stdents, and the advisors here pay very clse attention to your school work and how well your are performing academicly.


Widener University is a private university and has a relatively small campus. It has several renound programs and is expanding and adding new resources every year. It has a comprehensive study abroad program and has many ammenities that within a fair distance of all living facilities. For Widener's size it has a good amount of Greek Life. Most of Widener's students live in a close radius amd it is often very quiet on the weekends due to the fact a large majority of the students go home for at least part of the weekend.


Widener University is a school that has a high value when it comes to your education. You have to be prepared to put a lot of things in the way side to do good enough to hopefully receive money to go to this school. But once the weekend comes there is enough drinking to make everybody happy. Drepression drugs help by the way.


That even though its small and in a bad area. You can not tell.