Widener University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


one of the worst things about my school is the limited number of scholarships. There should be more scholarships for the students because some students, like me, don't have enough money to cover for the school year. I want to be in school but I am trying my very best to look outside of the school for grants, scholarships, etc... It is very hard. All in all, my college should invest in some more scholarships for needy students.


The worst thing about this school is that the staff members in charge aren't very willing to help. In the financial aid office it's like pulling teeth to receive the information you need. They make you feel worse off when you leave. I had difficult time with the cafeteria managers. I have special dietary needs; the manager was rude and made me feel like a burden. They don't have very many options to begin with, but their vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options are rare.


When I first started at Widener, I thought that I wouldn't like the area in which the school is located. However, in reality, I have found that the campus is beautiful and well-maintained, and that the security provided by the university is exceptional. I have not had one negative experience in the past 6 semesters.


The worst thing about Widener University is either the food or the lack of professors care. Sometimes the food isn't the best, especially on the weekends. Otherwise, some professors just seem not to care about what the student is doing, even if the student is trying their hardest to pass the class.


I can't think of anything that is bad about this school.


The worse thing about my school is the lack of teacher and advisor availability.


The worst thing I would consider at m school is that the campus is too small. Where the campus is located is also an issure because the surrounding area is known of criminal activities. There is nothing major around the campus to do besides the small clubs that they have. Also they don't have many varieties of classes and times. There is a smaller number in the class, which is a plus but because of ths, the class times are limited with spaces available to those that would need them.


The freshman dorms are somewhat small compared to other colleges you may visit. They are all brick and some have tile floors and some have carpet. Freshman dorms also do not have air conditioning or a thermostat for heat in the winter. The temperature is whatever the campus sets as the temperature of the entire building. Also, for your first year the school makes you pay for the most expensive meal plan when often times all of the meals are not needed.


I feel that my school is very conservative in how it views society. Many of the students here have wealthy parents and don't understand the true meaning of what it means to struggle financially. Some of these students are spoiled and have no idea of the lengths their families have gone through to see them succeed in college.


The lack of communication between departments within the university and in some circumstances a lack of communication between the university and its students.


In my opinion, the worst thing about Widener University is they do not have a specific building for nursing classes. Although, Widener University is in the process of building a new nursing school. During my experience here at Widener University, I thought that was a major drawback.


It is very easy to get into this school but the work is overwhelming at times.


I consider the worst thing about my school is the food and the tution.