Widener University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


I personally love this school for the students and the faculty members. Most people here are very helpful and try their hardest for your to succeed. There are many different forms of help here: counseling center, academic support, career center, disability support center, etc. The one thing I would change about this school is the cost and the helpfulness of both the financial aid and cafeteria staff members. In my experiences, the financial aid staff doesn't try to help you or even search for the answers. Most of my friends try so hard to afford this school and it's very difficult. The cafeteria seems amazing at first, but the menu repeats itself too often and they don't have many vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free options. Every friend I have at school has complained about both. This school is really small, which could be a bad thing depending, but you'll see friendly faces throughout campus. The campus is physically small too and surrounded by the city of Chester. Off campus housing is dangerous, but there has also been on campus shootings in the past. Most people don't walk around outside the campus because it's unsafe. Most of the teachers/faculty members at this school are extremely helpful and want the students to succeed. The only department that I've heard countless complaints about is Math, so if you're planning on going here test out of classes, take AP maths, or take the courses elsewhere.


My experience overall here at Widener has been great. The writing center has been a big help to me as well as the career aid center and most all professors have been very accommodating when situations have expectantly come up etc. I can say I have learned a lot here and have grown as a person.