Widener University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


If you are interested in developing your leadership skills and abilities, you definitely want to enroll here. There is a leadership program as well as a myraid of other opportunities, particularly with new or underdeveloped clubs/organizations, to give you a head start and point you in the right direction. Also, any students interested in pursuing a career in accounting have great connections within the School of Business Administration. Generally speaking, however, the campus is well suited for individuals who strive better in smaller environments.


Someone from New Jersey who is really into sororities and fraternities should attend this school. That's one thing I didn't want, but exactly what I ended up with. A lot of people here are the stereotypical "rich, but not smart enough for a better school" type. Preppy, going tanning, wearing their Sperry's. It's quite annoying really. I should've gone to the Ivys.


Everyone should attend Widener University. The school is open to all walks of life and does not have a specific "click" that attends the school.


The person who should attend my schoolne who is focused and driven to succeed.


A person attending Widener should be looking to form diverse friendships with a wide varierty of people.


The type of person who should attend this school is a laid back hippie person.


Widener University is very big on dedication, volunteering, and assisting the community around us. A person who is dedicated to themself and the community around them is one of the right person to attend this University. Also, Widener University faculty is very goal oriented and focused on getting their students to achieve their maximum potential.


People that do not care about their appearance, want to study business because it is the easiest major, people wanting to be in greek life, and partiers.


Widener University welcomes different individuals with different backgrounds, characters, race/ethnicity and social economics. Located in Chester, PA, Widener University is very involved in community service from various organizations such as Habitat for Humanity and Alternative Spring Break and other clubs and organizations. Attending Widener University for one full year I have observed that no one at Widener feels out of place since there are many different clubs and organizations active on campus and if one is not available students are able to make their own club with the support of ten members.