Widener University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Any individuals who do not enjoy small classes, more one on one individualized teaching styles, and a fairly small campus as well.


The kind of person that shouldn't attend this school are those that don't like to interact with people. If a person likes staying in their room and always likes to be alone, they should not attend this school. If a person likes to be in crowded classrooms, they should not attend this school. If a person likes to party all the time and do no work, they should not attend this school. This school is about education.


The type of person who should not attend this school is a lazy person who is not willing to study hard, an irresponsible person who does not stay focused on their work and lastly a procrastinator who waits till the last minute to complete their work. Another type would be someone who does not like the city type surrounding because the environment around the school is pretty urban. I also do not think a close minded type of person should attend Widener because this school is very diverse and open to different religions, sexuality and political views.


A person who has strong moral values combined with a desire to excell academically should attend this school. This person should also have a desire to build strong relationships with various administrators on campus


A person who does not possess the personal drive needed to succeed in the highly stressful, demanding environment of academia. Widener offers the tools for students to succeed but it is the students' responsibility to utilize the tools available so people not willing to take the innitiative to help themselves should not attend.


I think the only people that should not attend this school are students that want to just be a number instead of a person. Also, maybe even a student that does not like sports.


People who are not willing to be a part of smaller intimate academic community, or getting know their professor and staff members may want to look for something different in another university. Everyone at least interacts with someone different from them in terms of religion, socioeconomic status, values, country, and culture, if they dont want that interaction then they may want to try a differnet university. Even though some of the students my not seem to want to interact, most are pretty friendly and easy to get along with.


Someone who is shy and reserved may feel overwhelmed by the people that attend Widener.