Widener University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Before attending Widener, I wish I would have known more about the resources available on campus. There are many amazing programs such as the Writing Center, Tutoring Center, Career Services Office, and many others that are accessible to students free of charge. These services are extremely helpful and have been an integral part of my success during this past semester. Though I am thankful for being made aware of the many programs available to students, I would have benefitted more from having the purpose of these services explained to me before attending Widener University.


The courses feel like high school level and the staff members aren't that nice, but this place has some of the nicest students and faculty members you will ever meet.


That their financial aid and communication between students and advisors, both academic and financial, stinks. The tuition is far too high for the amount of attention the students receive and the quality of education.


I wish I had known how different Chester is from my home, in the country. It is a lot different from where I am from. I am used to seeing mountains and fields, not having to worry about my safety. I have adjusted though, but it was a big change.


I wish I had known how boring this school is. Everyone goes home on the weekends. The campus tries to have some events but the students just don't give a shit. Also, I wish I would have known that the Co-op program sucks.


How a big majority of the people go home on the weekends. Also many of the parties are hosted by greek life or athletics so if you are not involoved in either it is hard to have a good time


Coming to this university, I had thought that I was fully prepared for all over my work load and obstacles to overcome at college. However, I was wrong about being fully prepared. I needed to be more organized with my paperwork within each course that I was taking.


When I came to college I realized that the most important thing to remember is to live life one day at a time. Your calendar will be your best friend, because time management is everything, especially saving time to study. Going from high school to college is like being tossed into the real world and you have to be on top of both classes and so many other activities to survive. Also, get involved! College has so much to offer, everyone should take advantage of the different extracurriculars.


The actual major in which they accepted me.


What I would have liked to know before I came to this school is how to perform good time management. College is very different from high school and you need to know how to maintain your time properly. Now being a sophomore I have accomplished a good system with splitting up my time, but last year it was a little harder to adjust. It took time and experience, but now have a good rhythm down.


I wish I would have known more how the cafeteria works so that I could plan out when I was going to eat so that my wait time for food wouldn't be so long.


More about the study abroad program.


All I wish I knew was more about it and the programs offered there because it suited me better than I had imagined making my choice in high school. There are extensive graduate programs and the only Human Sexuality graduate program in the nation. It has various undergraduate majors. I wish it had more school pride, especially regarding sports. It's a Division three school so sports are not as prominent. There is also the recent movement to become more community based with an emphasis on improving the surrounding Chester community.


I was not in the dark on anything about Widener before coming to the school. They made everything pretty clear and I got what i expected when I arrived.


How little interesting things to do there are on the weekends.