Wilberforce University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The students are very friendly and family oriented. We take pride in getting to know each other and being able to help each other out whenever needed. Wilberforce is a tight knit family.


Once you make a friend at Wilberforce you have gained another family member.


All of my classmates are very well rounded. the good thing about attending an all black private institution is that not only that we all look the same, but we all come frim the same struggles, and also value varius similar things.


My classmates are determine to learn and can be annoying at times if they dont understand the teacher.


outgoing and easy to interact with


my classmates are human some cool some not.


I would describe them as dedicated and very helpful individuals; not only because we are biology majors but also because we are all females wanting to pursue the same profession in the medical field.


My classmates are driven and always focused.


My classmates are fun, crazy, caring, helpful, understanding, determined, goal achievers, and etc. Plus like I said you know everyone on campus and in the classes so there's always fun, new, and exciting things that goes about, esp discussion.


My colleagues are ambitious and eager to make a difference for our school and work hard to find answers to uplift our environment.


My classmates are wonderful people from all different types of backgrounds who are talented, determined, and motivated to be successful.


My classmates are focused and bothered at the same time


My classmates are all unique coming from different ethnic and religious backgrounds.


Rude, Alcohol orientated