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Compared to other Universities I was eager to attend, Wilberforce University is the first private HBCU. It is small and easy to travel around. The Professors are understanding and helpful but they do their job. Everyone that was here when I arrived was welcoming me, instead of the cold stares I thought I would recieve I got smiles.


Wilberforce is like a family, everyone has each others backs.


Well, as i stated before its an all black private institution. Its a historical black college. I love the atmosphere of the entire campus.


It is a historically black college with many roots in Africa. There are many popular black successes that graduated from the school that serve as role models for current students.


You wont find a lot of schools where the whole faculty cares so much about your well being. They dont just show interest in ypur academics, but they care about your mental health as well so that you dont stress out in school. They are extra careful during finals so that the students dont wear theirselves thin. They just really care.


It has a family feel. Coming from a small town and small highschool I felt like I needed a place that I could feel comfortable and not get lost in the crowd. When there is a tragedy we all come together, if there is a celebration we come together, we know how to put away our differences for a common cause!


The unique thing about Wilberforce is that it is so small that is it extremly easy to concentrate as a student.