Wilberforce University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A person who doesn't quite want a challenge. It's really easy.


The school that i attend is an HBCU usually those of african american decent attend. This does not mean that only african americans can attend. The way I seem it as long as you have a hunger to learn I advise you to attend this institution of learning.


people who want to become successful in life and wants to build a closer relationship with their teachers and want to be in a small envirnment and not to far form home.


the type of perosn that should attend my school is a person who is nice, sociable, willing to push themselves and who is able to manage their time and remain focused.


Just because it is an HBCU, doesnt mean it's only for black students. The university is open to all racesn and ethnicities. So every type of student is welcome to attend Wilberforce University.


A person that wants a higher education, a person that will have loving teachers on their side, and person that will have supportive classmates that will help you along the way. You will be apart a big family...the wilberforce family....that a kind of person that will love to attend this school.


The kind of person who should attend this school is someone who wants a smaller environment that is very family oriented. This school is for people who are very slow paced and used to a rural environment.




No one