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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would say follow your heart, don't settle for anything less than what you deserve.


As we get older, we begin to realize how naive and at times immature we were in the past; although, at the time were unaware of it. I am grateful to have received a great education in high school; however, there are things I know now that I would have benefited from knowing back then. If I were to offer advice to myself in high school, I would initially emphasize the importance of organization. There will be times when a project, two exams and a large load of homework are required to be done in one week and it is easy to either misplace or forget something important. By simply writing things down in an agenda there will be more mental clarity and a smaller chance of overlooking something. Additionally, making an effort to create a relationship with professors can be very beneficial. Not only can they help you with their class if you are struggling, but they can further assist you with any questions about college, such as advising, financial aid, transferring, or choosing a major. Mastering time management, remaining self-motivated and always doing your best in addition to these helpful hints will be very beneficial in college.


If I was able to go back in time, I would tell myself; Get involved early on. Don't wait until later. You can make a great impact on the school by acting now. Students will know your name and look up to you for various things. Learn how to say "no" at some point. Do not allow yourself to get overwhelmed with everything that is going on. Began a study habit early so you can maintain a 4.0 instead of a 3.4. Take advantage of every opportunity provided to you. Do not be afraid to show how intelligent, talent, or the type of person you are. People will love you for the person you are and will gravitate toward you for the success you will make.


I now see the importance of knowledge. Without knowledge you have nothing. I want to be successful. The story of me is still to be unknown. The journey of me is not yet finished. I believe that God has a plan for me, and I will not stop until I get there. I will go where he leads me. I am a strong, independent, courageous, phenomenal woman. I have a mind -set that I will make it. I will become successful. I am a black woman; I am already underestimated because of my race. “Unless you believe, you will not understand”. I do believe that I will make a name for myself. I will become a woman of value. “Life is like a marathon; it’s not about who finishes first as long as you finish.” I will finish, no matter how long it takes me I will finish. I want people to remember me after I am gone. I will become a legend. I believe Wilberforce University will help me achieve my dreams, and goals. I am a very ambitious woman. I know if I work hard enough I can get to where I need to be.


Stay focused, stay focused, stay focused: The most important thing in school is to learn the materials you are presented with. Then take it a step further. don't allow your self to get off track or procrastinate. Handle all of your business as soon as possible while still enjoying the college experience.


I would tell myself that all the emotions you will begin to feel the first time you get to school are completely normal. You will get homesick sometimes and you may begin to feel like college life is not for you because of this. However you can not let these particular emotions drive you away from the school before you get the real chance to experience the college life. Homesickness is just a part of the transition phase and it will pass eventually and once it does you will begin to get the full experience. With new found freedom you sometimes can get out of control, there are so many people around that will try to influence you to di thngs that are not good for you. It is your job to refuse all of the folling and keep your mind focused on your education. This does not mean that you cant have fun, but make sure you have a balance between the two of the aforementioned. As long as you hold onn to your morals and values you cant go wrong.


If I could go back in time, I would have deinfately told myslef to pay much more attention in class. I would also tried to have encouraged my friends to attend college with me, and I would have tried to take more college classes. I would have also advised myself not to ever ditch class and to make a great impression on every teacher.


I would label my life as a NASCAR car getting prepared to race. I start my hemi engine, adjust my seat, and once I put my foot on the gas the ride isn’t a straight path. Being a junior, Mass Media communication, major, attending Wilberforce University has had its ups and downs. I’ve endured the struggles with health complications, relationship issues, and friendship confusion. I've gotten out of my experience of college is what you make it ,what it will become it is your destiny. Iencouter people daily and there either negative nor happy and i've come to terms to where Ionly value my eduication. I value my strength and learned whe nyou go through hardships and not surrender thats when you have strength.


I have gotten alot of experience & knowledge in general, from my college experience. I have learned that procrastination is not a good thing & should be avoid at all costs; because it can cost you alot now & much later in life. Once that time is gone, you don't get it back, but you sure regret it. The best way to live your life is without as much regret as possible. Follow your first mind in all you can & you will find it leads you to little or no regret. Aside from all the subjects I have learned about & all the textbook knowledge I obtained in college, wisdom & self experience in life are 2 of the most important things that go along with college. Knowing what decisions to make & when. It has been valuable to attend college & knowing that I will be able to do more for myself & others once I graduate & accommplish a lifetime goal will be so amazing, words won't be able to describe it.


In my college experience, I have obtained the most valuable of gifts available to a person: knowledge. Being enrolled in a college has not only aided me in the acquirement of knowledge pertaining to my field of study, but has taught me other important life lessons such as the importance of schooling for the future, the ability to be proud of my accomplishments, the need to finish the schooling I have started, and that persistence and effort pays off in the long run. Students procure many lessons vital to the continuation of life and I am happy to say I am fully experiencing the many benefits of attending college. I consider college valuable to attend because I plan to go far in my career and college will help me to get where I need to be in life. Also, college is important for me as a person since no one in my family has ever graduated from college. In short, college should be appreciated as a learning experience and a growing experience for all who choose to attend.


My college experience has been a blessing overall. When i first arrived here I was worried about surviving in this new state by myself with no family, or friends. In my first semester i gained four friends that i never dreamed of finding out here in the middle of Ohio. These girls have helped me to become the person i am today. Along with great friends I have gained a numerous number of Sorority sisters. Becoming a member of a Sorority helped me to grow up, as well as crack into my business side. Now I am responsible for turning in proposals, talking to the proper people to have programs, etc. I am very grateful for this school. I complain sometimes and get homesick but i can't dream of being anywhere else. This school has made me into the best person I can be, and in the future I plan on repaying them for everything that they have offered me.


I have gotten out of my college experience is growth and maturity and especially responsiblity. Living at home with my parents for so long I always thought mom and dad can do everything for me and I seen that I had to make my own decisons for the very first time; it made me feel like a grown up finally. At this school the proffessors will push you to your limits because they want you to succeed in the long run in regards of career choices. Honestly this has an been an costly experience but I know that I have a career in the long run as long i finish and get my bachelors degree.


my college experience has given me the chance to get a college degree and a better life in the future, and become a succesful women !


Since I worked from the 9th grade all the way to now i would tell myself not to spend money like it was water. I would definately tell myself to save up more then I actually did because the financial need here is high i was lucky enough to be able to work for 4 years straight and actually earn a nice sum of money. Unfortionately, I did not think toward the future until two months before I came to college. Therefore, i would honestly tell myself save money keep certain friends because they are the reasons iI came to college and I would definaetly spend more time with my younger brother and sister.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself when I was a senior in high school I would tell myself that college is not a game. Don?t believe the hype that college is all about partying ,chasing girls, and making friends . College prepares you for the real world. To excel in college and anything else in life you will have to work hard and stay focused. You have to learn how to balance your social life and academics. There are times when you have to stay in and study rather than go out and party. While in college there are going to be many tough decisions you will have to make that will shape the rest of your life. Don't make any hasty decisions. Take your time and think about the consequences of your actions. At times you may think it?s too hard or too much work, but just remember anything worth doing is going to be difficult. If it was easy everyone would have college diplomas and be millionaires. Just remember you can do all things through Christ you strengthens you.


College is what you make it. When stepping foot on campus you need to already have a plan on the amount of success you strive for and as each day goes by you need to try to meet or excel that amount. Yes, college is suppose to be fun because its suppose to round and mold you as a person but it also is suppose to challenge you. If you feel that you are not being challenged enough it is your responsibility to take your education to the next level. College is a parent free enviroment full of choices; choices that we have to live with the everyday. Being an independant is scary enough but be proud because your on the right path of being an independant striving to obtain a career. College is full of choices and each day your helping to shape your future.


I would have did more grants and more scholarships to help myself and my family. Overall I love college.


If i could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, the advice I would give myself about college life and transitioning would be to always stay true to yourself and who you are. I would give advice on time management and how to juggle campus activities and school work. I would tell myself to be more serious about freshman year, and pay more attention to how you make your schedule. I would also give advice on making friends and opening up to new experiences and telling myself to not be affraid to join organizations or extra activities.


the advice i would give myself is to give 110{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} in everything i do and to take my sport seriously.


I would tell my high school self that you are a 13 year old high school graduate, so make sure that you take some time to enjoy yourself, a little. However, the transition into college can be interesting. Stay true to yourself at all times and remember that you are in college for academics first. Your goal is to graduate, so do not let anything comprises you of that goal. You have a light about yourself and a gift that compells you to want to help everyone, be involved in everything and learn everything. However, you are not super human and those things will take a toll on you if you overwork yourself. I would also tell myself to pay attention to the opportunities that will present themselves to you and act upon them. Lastly, I would tell myself not to worry. Circmstances and situations will present themselves to you because they are a part of life. Some will hurt , but your stregth will build and you will overcome them. Through it all, you will be 18 years old wearing a black cap, graduating with honors with your Bachelors of Arts in Music. Never doubt yourself, you always pull through.


I would tell myself to stay focused. Studying and learn as much as possible because there isn't any shortcuts in life so give everything your all. Get involved , meet new people and make friends. Network as much as possible you never know who you may need or who may need you. Get good grades, go on interns, apply for scholarships and dont take out to many loans.


the advise i would give my self is to do your best and study harder and ask alot of questions on information that you need to know. i would aslo say is open up to different peolple in your school and dont be afraid to speak your mind no matter what anyone thinks or says. another thing is go to your counclers if you have a problem thats what they are there for and also build a strong relationship with your advisor and your teachers.


I would most definately tell myself to look for scholarships because I used to procrastinate with that. Now I have to pay the price of having loans. Second would be my money management. Lastly, I would of told myself to make 5 year goals and plans so I can make sure I stay on top of it. Lastly I would say that I should prepared myself to be more openminded with it came to living with someone who I just met. I am happy to the fact that my parents prepared me well enough to have s strong religious background and have good home training.


Be open to a new enviroment. College is always intimidating at first but the experience is wonderful. you will meet people and experience things that truely mold you into a woman. Never be afraid to ask question And finally be active on your campus. There are plenty of on campus, national and fraternal organizations that will fit the your needs. Enjoy college life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I would tell myself to 1. Make sure that you value your time in college, 2. Take your classes and your GPA seriously, 3. Don't waste so much time on boys and other activities that distract you from your studies, 4. Be wise about taking out student loans! You do have to pay that money back one day soon and the payments are not cheap! 5. Most importantly, don't quit school! It is so much easier to finish your degree if you go straight through without any 1-5 year breaks.


in high school i was always the athletic person. if i could go back and talk to myself as a senior i woud have told myself to work harder. i was always worried about sorts and what it took for me to beat my oppnent but i was never really worried about my grades. i though that if i was a good athlete then the rest would follow. that was a bad mastake i made. i would tell myself that i am a student athlete for reason and the student part comes first. i would also tell mysel to do my homework every night and study hard for every test and quiz. as a senior it i important to have good grades an also be a good role model. when you a senior the younger kids look up to you because you are who they want to be in the next four years to come. now that i have experieced a semester college i told myself that i will work hard and do what i have to do to fully achive my own goals. working hard in college is a goal not only for me but formy parents as well


If I could go back to my high school senior year and talk to myself, I would've encouraged myself to push a lot more harder in high school and to stay focused.


I would say nothing because I based my college choice on what can the school do for me and did they have the field that I wanted to go to. I also had an older sister in college already so she will tell me and inform me of everything and I even went to visit her a couple of times. And I also went to visit Wilberforce University with my family so I basically knew what I was getting into before I made that choice. But the only advice I would tell my self that I really need to work on was don't be afaid to talk and be more open to socialize and make new friends, because I was a shy person and I really didn't like meeting new people. And now I have friends that's going to be around for life!!!


Looking back, I wished that I've researched my school more before I joined. I've learned that it's important to ask questions about your schedule so, that in the future, there won't be any mistakes upon graduation. Make sure you stay focus and consistent on applying for scholarships and other forms of financial aid. It is also important to stay persistent with your registeration for each semester and do not wait until the last minute for any assignment whether through financial aid or homework. Time management is a big priority that needs to be praticed daily. Lastly, it's important that I never give up and continue to work hard in everything I set a goal for.


If i could go back in time and give myself advice based on what i know so far about college life, i would tell myself to never wait until the last minute to complete a task, always push yourself to the highest limit, be willing to adapt to different things, set realistic goals for yourself and achieve them, and also learn to depend on yourself for what you need and not on others because once you get to college, its all up to you. It is your job to make sure you do every thing you have to do. Also always stay focused and try not to get detoured, and when your in college make schooling/school work your number one priority.


If i were to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, i would tell myself to work harder. I would have pushed myself more to get an higher gpa, and to actually study for the tests i had. Besides that my college transition was very welll.


If I could go back in time to talk to my high school senior self, i would advise myself to stay even more focused, and to keep my GPA up above a 3.5 like it is now. I honestly wouldnt have much to advise myself, because I feel like I've done the best I can to make my academic scholastic career, and my social life the best they can possibly be.


I would tell myself to drop the high school mentalitiy, nobody going to hold your hand..you have to stand on your own two feet...Mom or Dad is not going to be there for you all the time...you have to depend on yourself...College is not one big party...dont get me wrong there are going to be parties but also there going to be exams too....so you going have to learn to put the important things over the minor...Get good rest and be on time for class....some teachers dont like tardiness...be perpared for class...have all classwork in on time...study hard...oh yeah make friends....you will meet some of best and interesting people in college....and most importantly...have fun...college is a great experience and going to have the time of your life


If I could go back in time as a high school senior I would definitely tell my self to "get ready and shape up." As senior I didn't take college serious until I actually arrive, and I'm honesly still trying to shape up. I pesonally think it's a prt of life, living, and learning. As we live we grow and learn new things everyday. I appreciate things more than I did as a senior, I missed out on opportunities of a life time, and I can't get them back, but one thing that I can do is take the mistakes that I have made and learn from them.


I would make sure that i stay focused. I would have applied to other colleges and took college tours. I would tell myself that the experience you get from college is like no other, I Would focus on school work from the beggining instead of messing up my first semester.


Don't be afraid to leave your parents and friends back at home. Going away maybe the best thing that you will ever do. Doing this allows you to try new things, meet new people and also it makes you more responsible. Yes, sometimes it gets hard being alone in what seems like a new world but as long as you never give up and surround yourself with positive people, everything will be okay. Follow your dreams and do what you want to do, not your parents and not your friends. You are the one that has to live with your decisions, and most importantly NEVER GIVE UP!


One piece of advice that I would give myself is to start researching colleges and universities early. That way it won't be a rush once May comes to make a decision, and possibly make the wrong decision. I would also tell myself to visit the colleges and universities. You can look at a lot of pictures and talk to current students, but you will not fully grasp the environment of the school. You have to go and experience the teaching styles and culture of the paticular university first hand.


The advice that I would give myself is that college is way different than high school. Although you had to focus as high school student, u reallly have to focus as a college student. College is no joke and often times its costs too much to go there and not handle your business.


If i could talk to myself as a highschool senior to give myself advice about college i would tell myself to not be afraid. College isn't nothing to fear, don't fear that you can not succeed and be able to understand the work. I would also tell myself that if you payed attention throughout your highschool education and got good grades you shouldn't have any trouble understanding some courses. I would tell myself to watch who you affiliate your self with and to stay focused. The hardest thing in college is being focused the whole semester and staying on top if your classes. Also i would let myself know to consider joinning an organization because they are very benificial. I would let myself know that time managment and study habits are going to be key and wil to reflect on the grades you are getting. I would tell myself that you are going to be responsible for your education and no one is going to force you to go to class, study or what you should be doing. Most importantly i would tell myself to not forget why you chose to go to college.


When facing the matter of what college or university to attend, I would suggest that one take the time to discover what their wants and needs are; academically, socially and spiritually. The best way to make the most out of ones college experience is to stay involved in school activities. Whether that be varsity sports, student government, or a triathalon team, the key to success is involvement. if you stay active and remain open-minded, your college experiences will definitely be ones to remember!


The best advice to finding the right school is looking at what the school offers. Ask yourself what are the different fields of study this univbersity/college offers? What organizations are on campus (social and national known organizations)? what is the student to teacher ratio? Do they offer endowed scholarships to the students? There are so many more question that could be asked to make the right chose. To be totally honest picking the right college is like gambling. You will never know how right anything is for you until you have been able to experince what the school has. Go with your heart and try new things by getting out of your comfort zones. Also try to go away for school you learn so much about people and yourself. You are able to become more independent. You can attend a small school or big school and get the same expernices. If you become active on campus your outlook is so different. Just make sure you dont limit yourself from doing things because you think you will not be good at it, or thats something that you just dont do. College is one of the best times of your life.


I would say make sure that you do alot of research on many different schools. Remeber to find the one thats best suits you and not just everyone else, meaning not to far from home if you want to be close and if your from a big city is a tremendous change to go to a small town. Also remeber that your not just there for your social life but your education first.


go to class every day.


Make sure the college fits you, not you fitting the college.


Find a college that you will want to stay and not transfer from.