Wilberforce University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


How housing and food was. It is kind of terrible.


I wish I knew the financial struggle of the school and where it is located.


The area around the school is mostly farmland and there is poor transportation from the school the places students need to go.


Thge resources weren't the best ,that it is very small .


I wish that i would have known about the weather changes that occur here. Coming from Southern California i was not prepared for the winters that occur in Ohio. I witnessed my first snow day here, as well as a blizzard and things of that nature. Also i wish i would have known about the racial issues that occur in Ohio. African Americans that come here are usually stereotyped and usually given a hard time by people of other races.


Before I attended Wilberfore University I wish I would have known the financial status of the school. We are currently undergoing a high debt that has caused a decrease in attention to areas of the campus that need work. The University is very ambicious but is held back because of it's financial state. Low enrollment has also caused a huge hurting on the school that I wish I would have known about.


I wish I had known the dorms were so small and old, and did not have a pool before I came to this school.


I did not know how small the campus was before I got to Wilberforce. I had always thought that a large university would suit me well. I do not wush that I had known anything that I did not know before coming to Wilberforce because it may have stopped me from coming. If I had have known that Wilberforce was so small before attending courses, meeting friends and building a bond with the faculty, I would have missed out on a wonderful opportunity. I love my school.


Coming to Wilberforce University i wish i would have known that the school was in dept by a couple million dollars. The school being in dept effects the resources this school has, faculty, and the condition of the school. The school doesn't have state of the art resources and technology. The class rooms are pretty small and the condition of the buildings and dorm rooms are not healthy. The coureses at Wilberforce are pretty good but some of the professors teach to fast or how a thick acient which makes it harder to understand what the are saying.


That it was small and in the middle of no where.