Wiley College Top Questions

What should every freshman at Wiley College know before they start?


i would go back and tell myself to raise my gpa up. dont slack and apply for scholorships. try to pick a different college. do my work while in college. dont cry about anything keep your head and pray. live life. dont stay to yourself all the time get out and meet people. have fun while in college. go to parties and events. have lots of food and save your money.


If I could go back and and talk to myself as a high school senior I would say remain focus don't let nothing or anybody throw me off what i am striving to accomplish. Never let anybody tell you what you can or cannot do. And I would also remind myself to keep a postive attitude to what negativity that will be thrown at me, because it will not last forever. I will just have to do what i came to do ,knowing it will all pay off in the end. Work hard, study hard ,and push myself to be the best. Never would i want to be forgotten for what i didnt do, I want people to remeber me for the things that i did get to accomplish; it being the most difficult or the easiest thing that i have done. Continue to be proud of myself, don't give up when I feel its tough. Show everyone what you are made of let them discover who I am as a person with ambitions and dreams. The one they will love to talk about.


If i could go back to my last year in High School and give myself advice about college life, i would tell myself to be better prepared on being on my own. i would let myself know that college life needs to be taken serious because you can be left behind within a blink of an eye. i also would explain to myself how college is totally diffrent than high school in every way. you dont have people to pick up the missing pieces anymore and mommy and daddy isnt gonna be there to wipe the boo boos. To understand that even though you are still in school you have to transition your brain to start thinking about the things our parents took care of. For example getting up for class and getting our school supplies and dont forget paying for our general and personal needs. Last but not least i would tell myself to never take opportunities like college slip away.


Do not settle for less. If you are dreaming of something you want to spend doing for the rest of your life, do it! As long as you work for what your passion is, it will seem like you are not working at all. If you get stuck in a dead end job just because of the money you earn, you will never be happy and will regret it for the rest of your life. You'll spend your latter years wondering why you never made the right decision in the first place. Sure, you may feel like you want a break from all the school work once you graduate from this place, but the quicker you get finished with college the quicker you will be able to enjoy your career. Do not get yourself stuck in a dead end job! You can do what you've always dreamed of and live your life happliy ever after.


If i could talk to myself as a highschool senior knowing my college experience and the challenges I have faced, I would study more during my midterms to boost my GPA higher. I would attempt to score higher on my SAT to be able to get into the college I desired to attend. I would pay more attention to the scholarships and opportunities offered at each school that I got accepted into to utilitize every opportunity given. I would do what is best for me and not attempt to please others. I would choose to work in a place that is worldwide to be able to transfer to different locations when needed. I would attempt to pick a sports scholarship to help with the finances of college. I would do so many things differently because I now know what it is like to loose opportunites given because of a preference.


I would first say, see if you can talk to someone who is a current student and/or a recently graduated alumni of the school i plan on attending. Then I would say go to the school for an on campus visit to see the school, the living conditions, and what the people do for fun recreationally . I would also say to my self, once your satisfied with the acedemic standing of your chosen school and it is within your price range, make sure your compatable with the weather of that area. Theres nothing worst than going somewhere and not being able to cope with the enviorment.


To be totally honest i would tell myself that college is hard and that while taking AP classes i should just go ahead and pay for the test so that i could get the credit ahead of time instead of taking the classes and not the test. Not to mention that i would tell myself that the money from that job at least ten percent needs to be put away for college because i didn't even think of going to a private college until the last minute and their is alot more cost here than at a public college.


I would have a long talk with myself that would go something like this: ?Kathy, you are about to turn a corner in your life. You may not have made some mistakes in high school. Maybe you didn?t do as well as you could have. Maybe you could have had a higher GPA, but it?s a new day. Put all of that behind you and prepare to take this major step. You can and will succeed in college. Funds will scarce but you can work and attend school. There will be no one there to make you go to class. The teacher will not remind you of tests or assignments. They will simply hand out the syllabus and rely on you to govern yourself accordingly. Ask for help if you need it. Kathy, go to class everyday, do your homework and stay focused. There will be activities that have the potential to distract you. You have the rest of your life to socialize. Take care of your education now. Make it a priority.?


i would tell meself to work harder in school so when i get to college it want be hard for me. I would also save more of my money so i would be able to do what i want once i get to college.


I would tell parents and student that make sure before you accept you acceptance to the school, go look at the school and make sure it is really what you were looking for in making you final decision. You also need to make sure that you are aware of all the finanical aid you can receive from that institution and if they are not then fight until you receive you that should be offered to you. It shouldn't matter how much your parent makes you should be able to receive !