Wilkes Community College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Well, Mr. Peters, you have definite dreams and aspirations of getting your Bachelor's Degree and getting into Med School to become a Psychiatrist. Hold tight to these dreams, and know that when you run into struggles in your second year at Creighton University, that you need to be open and honest with your Mother and put your pride on the back burner and work with a school advisor to get back on track. You are NOT a quitter and when you face adversity and are at risk of losing your financial aid; because you have failed to attend classes, you need to get back on that horse and persevere. Kristian... never give up and know that if you feel like you have messed everything up and that all lis lost, that a new opportunity will present itself and you need to grab a hold of those reigns with both hands, and, in the words of the great Lone Watie, ENDEAVOUR TO PERSEVERE! You are a good dude, Kristian. Stick to your guns.


Don't let your fears stop you. You have financial troubles? So what? There's a a scholarship for that. You lack confidence? College will help you blossom in more ways than you could ever imagine. You don't know anybody? Your colleagues will become some of most fruitful friendships of your lifetime. You struggle with anxiety? Having the opportunity to focus on something other than your fears is key to overcoming that daily battle! College is brimful of mind infatuations and discoveries. In one year's time I can feel how much stronger my character has become. I've unearthed talents and skills foreign to me in high school. Job opportunities have opened up. A pathway continuously forms in front of me and it's a unique feeling to know you're heading somewhere worthwhile. There's a solution to every complication. Never cower in apprehension. I promise it's not worth the wait. Never let your fears stop you.


If I could go back in time I would have a long list of advice that I would give myself, first of all I would need to get my priorities in order and have a clear vision of my goals and a plan on how I am going to reach those goals. Also I would inprove my note-taking skills, familiarize myself with the library, practice reading difficult books and chapters, learn to use Microsoft Word or another word processor, get organized, find the best way and place for you to study, and to strive for good grades but also make time for yourself and have a good understanding of your future goals.


Transition into college life is all about your self-esteem and your comfort/confidence level. You should make a list of the things, social and academic, that you are most comfortable and least comfortable with. Take the least comfortable list and enroll in any and every class that will expose you to social and academic situations that will help you conquer the things that you consider to be impossible. Work very hard and stretch yourself into the area of study that you choose. To stand out, you must do good works and show that you are worthy.


In short to stay in school and take your future seriously!


If I could go back and talk to myself as a senior I would say nothing. I believe that if I did introduce myself I would alter my future and possibly end my existence. Instead I would watch myself as I lived my day and then leave to my own time.