Wilkes University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


A small community that makes you feel comfortable and at home in a learning environment. The school will not make you feel lost, and you fit in. The professors are your friends and know you by name.


Wilkes University is small making it feel like a large family; it provides opportunites though trips, internships, and school social gatherings to allow students the chance to expand their horizons.


This school bring out the best in you.


Wilkes is small with great faculty and a friendly atmosphere.


easy goin, fun and active.


Wilkes is a small school where the professors are dedicated to helping you do what you really want to do.


Wilkes University is a unique and interesting school which should say a lot by itself.


It's a good school, that's very goal oriented however it has some major flaws with it as well!