Wilkes University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone who likes the intimate feel that comes with a small school. It's easy to get to know people on campus that you see often. Someone who is dedicated to academics but still wishes to play a sport in college. This small school makes that possible and is successfull in almost all sports.


Wilkes University is the perfect school for anoyone who is looking for a personal attention from the staff and faculty. Also everyone at Wilkes is like one big family. When walking around our small beautiful campus, everything seems like home. The faculty gives you a lot of personal attention and are very supportive. It is a great environment for students who want to learn. A person who likes the idea of a small school would be perfect at Wilkes. There is not that much to do, but with some creative people we have developed ways to have fun.


Wilkes University shouldn't be attended by those who are easily bored or by those who refuse to socialize. Also, those who do not care to hear different views or opinions should not attend.


Someone who wants the experience of a big school.