Willamette University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Willamette is a small liberal arts university where the professors and the administration put the success of the student first. It's size is both a curse and a blessing as it keeps the class size small, allowing for student discussion and participation, but can also feel too small. However, Willamette has every kind of extracurricular activity that a larger school has, and you will find friends for life.


Willamette is a very small, liberal campus and also very open and friendly - I don't know of anyone who has trouble finding friends - professors are always available and happy to answer any and all questions, it is very easy to get involved on campus and in the community.


Willamette University is a school which has a nook for all types of people who share the common interests of improving themselves academically while improving the world in which we live through service and acceptance.


A place that wants to help you learn and has a main goal of helping you.


A small liberal arts college in a small town.


My school is a small, beautiful campus that holds many opportunities to succeed.


Small, top-of-the-line, socio-politically liberal, environmentally conscious Liberal Arts school


small liberal arts university in the heart of Salem.


This school has great people going to it that will open themselves up to you as long as you are willing to do the same.


Willamette is small, smart, and comfortable. It is a great community.


It's a small, liberal arts school in the pacific northwest, meaning small classes, excellent professors, a lot of nights making your own fun, and rain for 90 percent of the time: in other words, fantastic.


An overly-liberal, arrogant, wonderful place to be.




Willamette University is a very sophisticated establishment with inspiring professors and staff who encourage students to follow their passions and focus on working perfectly.


I can accurately say I know personally that Willamette cares about their students and quality of education more than anything due to my person interactions with the professors and other staff who have consistently gone completely out of their way to make my experience at Willamette nothing less than positive.