Willamette University Top Questions

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I feel like the staffs ar very unique at Willamette. You have staffs that really care about the students at this university and will do whatever they can to support students.


It's very accepting of all cultures and beliefs.


My school is unique in the fact that it is more than just a university; it is a community. Every one of the 2,500 plus student in attendance get along have a sort of bond that not many others at any other university have. Everyone is a genuinely nice and caring person to every other student at the school. No one ever has to feel left out from any specific group because they all are so willing to accept anyone, no matter their race, size, or backround.


Deciding to attend Willamette was one of the best decisions I ever made. It is very easy to seek out leadership opportunities and be recognized in the small student community as a leader. For the most part, students know how to balance fun and academics, as the vast majority of students are very intellectually driven.


Willamette offers so many opportunities for student employment. I work as a caterer with the school cafeteria, my roommate works in the library, and I have friends who also work for the grounds crew and who are TAs working with their favorite teachers. These jobs all have really flexible hours because, while it's important that we come to work when they need us, they understand that school and classes are our first priority


Wow, Willamette is a gem. My experiences here have really challenged my thinking, helped me figure out what I want to do next, prepared me for an exciting future. Although I don't know exactly what I will be after college, I do know that I am much better prepared to contribute to society and hopefully to make a positive difference.


The atmosphere is very friendly. Unlike other schools, Willamette is more community based. There is still some competition but in general, everyone wants to see everyone succeed


Willamette is honestly one of the country's best kept secrets. I love this place and I couldn't imagine going to school anywhere else.


This school has an intense focus on sustainable living and environmental responsibility. This school also has a unique ability to blend athletics with academics and social life.


I only applied to one school, and that was Willamette. The thing it had that other oregon schools did not was a quality of academics mixed with the hands-on attention of small classes with brilliant professors.


It's size, even thought it was only a little smaller. Also, WIllamette is VERY enviornmentally friendly. On top of that, WU is really proud of its community and its experimental in that way unlike the other schools I considered.


It's small enough that your teachers know you by your first name. It's close to the state capitol building, so there are a lot of opportunities available for students interested in government jobs. It also has a law school which is what i plan on doing after i receive my undergraduate degree.