Willamette University Top Questions

What are your classes like?


As a junior well into my politics major, most of my classes have been about politics, of course- but not just US politics! I've taken classes ranging from international to transnational feminist politics, to theory and philosophy of politics, even political ecology. I have had a great experience in almost all of them. All of my classes, up until my biology course which is lecture-based, have been small, discussion-based classes. Most of the classes I have taken, including those separate from my major, have had similar work loads. There is a LOT of reading to do at Willamette. Whether it is books or scholarly journals, I find myself reading all the time for almost all of my classes. I think the coolest thing about classes at Willamette is the fluidity of the types of classes students can take here. Like all colleges, Willamette has general education requirements, but most are in the form of "modes of inquiry." These MOIs have specific subjects but there are a variety of classes that students can take to fulfill them.


My classes very much reflect a liberal arts education. This semester I'm taking Latin Prose, Ancient Middle East History, Close Reading and International Politics. My classes are diverse and mostly discussion based. This makes them very engaging and I feel more invested when I know that I am a part of a class, not merely a person in the classroom.