Willamette University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


The kind of person who shouldn't attend Willamette University are people who aren't willing to put hard work in on a daily basis. People who aren't willing to give up their social lives to get what needs to be done, done. People who attend the school must put their schoolwork first, athletics second, and their social work third. Those who are not willing to do any of that will simply not succeed as a scholar at Willamette.


Willamette's honestly rather lacking in diversity, which is something that needs to be reversed for the health of the student body and for the support of LGBTIQQ students, students of color, and students of different faith traditions; please don't come to Willamette if you're unwilling to accept others... and if you're thinking of Willamette and share in one or more of these identities, understand that it's potentially a tough process, but as one of the minority, it's definitely doable.


Willamette accepts all kinds of people, but if you want the "big state school experience" Willamette is not the place for you. Even though Willamette is a very liberal campus I encourage conservatives or people who don't fit the mold to look into it because there are many people like that on this campus who have had a chance to challenge their world views.


Willamette is a very service oriented, academically challenging university. Selfish people who don't wish to help others should not attend WU. If a student is not open and accepting of other opinions, backgrounds, religions, etc., they would not be a good match. Someone who doesn't take their academics seriously and desire to learn independently should not attend.


Conservative students will not likely fit in very well and likely will feel alienated.


One looking to just attend classes. There is a lot going on here, and many interesting people, so if you like just your tight-knit group of friends, you would be missing out on the Willamette experience. A person can't depend on others to tell them what to do here or what help to receive- the resources are here, but no one is holding the student's hand.


Anyone who is extremly conservative that is offended by ridicule. People here are only open minded to things and views that lean to their favor. Also it is a young campus and not alot of social life for the non-traditional students.


Willamette thrives on its diversity. As an institution it is committed to creating a welcoming environment to all kinds of students. That being said, the policies and student body tend to embrace a more liberal perspective, making it occasionally uncomfortable for students with conservative values if they aren't willing to make their political social beliefs things on which they're willing to take a stand. On the other hand, if you enjoy a good debate, a conservative student might find this a welcome place to practice defending and challenging their own positions, as well as opposing viewpoints.


Someone who HAS come on a campus visit--it is completely different than the college tries to portray itself. People who want to organize recreational events for students should be careful because the administration has a very narrow view of what is acceptable and shuts does anything new or different. If you are smart but have never had to apply yourself to do well in high school, you will struggle here due to the large amounts of studying required.


A conservative person who doesnt like having their viewpoints constantly challenged.


someone who is racist or sexist would have a hard time finding anyone to relate to. Willamette is a very liberal and open campus in which everyone is viewed as equal.