Willamette University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Go and visit, sit in on classes and try and meet with people/students that are involved in activities or sports that you want to participate it. Decided whether you want to go to a small liberal arts college with small classes or a huge university with lecture halls for hundreds or students. Don't stress to the extreme when picking a college. Your college experience will be whatever you make out of it, no matter where you end up.


Parents should let their children choose for themselves. It is ultimately their decision and they have to live there for four years. Students no matter what school you choose you'll be there for some time so make the best of it. Choose the one that will make you happiest not your parents.


Visiting the school helps tremendously--get an idea of the type of school you want to attend, and if it doesn't feel right, if you feel for any reason that you will not enjoy attending the school, than no matter how amazing the school is, you should go somewhere else. You are planning on spending four years of your life at your college, and you are going to be meeting and spending important years with people that will affect you for years to come. Always make sure you have a right fit, because it's worth it and it can make all the difference in the world.


I just wanted my opinion heard.


I would advise finding a college that challenges you personally as well as academically. The old adage of choosing a college because you feel comfortable there or because you feel you belong will not bring you significant growth as a person. Choose a college away from home and high school friends that will be filled with students from different back-grounds and life experiences.


Look for a place that feels right, a flyer or piece of mail that interests you and check it out.


don't let money change which schools you apply to. I pay less to go here than I would at a public school.


Your college experience is decided by one person, and that is you! College is what you make of it, so make the most you can. Sign up for interesting classes or clubs, go to your professor's office hours, introduce yourself to new people. The actual college you choose will only play a small part in your college experience, because you ultimately decide what kind of experience you will have.


Spend plenty of time researching the area surrounding the school. Having a good time at school has a lot to do with the campus surroundings. Find out if your major is offered by the school and what opportunities are available once you receive that degree. Choose a school based on your personality. If you like big groups of people choose a school with a lot of kids so you can make a lot of different friends. If you'd rather have fewer friends with more intimate relationships, a smaller setting might be best. Students should find what types of extra curricular activities are available also. Also, I think it's important to choose a school based on its location. If you like big cities or rural areas, or close to the beach or the mountains, you should make your decision largely based on this. Finally, do not make your decision based on its proximity to your house. If you fall in love with a school, it should not matter where it is in regards to where you grew up.


Follow your dreams, and don't be afraid to dream big. Aim high, and don't be afraid to fall short from time to time. Learn from your successes, and learn from your failures. Stretch out, move beyond your boundaries. Don't ever be afraid to try new things. College is a time to seek out new experiences, and to learn and define who you really are, instead of letting others decide for you. Don't try to define yourself in the first year of college. Take a variety of classes in different subjects, and decide what it is that you really enjoy. College will you give you an unprecedented level of freedom both academically and socially. Exercise this. And above all, remain positive. Things will not always go your way. You will have bad days, but you will also have good days. And if you keep a positive, upbeat attitude, you will find that the bad days aren't as terrible as they could be, and that the good days may be some of the best of your life. Go ahead and be anxious; it is only normal to worry. But don't be afraid. You will have fun.


Make sure that you pick a school that wants you as much as you want them. I believe that financial situations should not stop you from choosing the school that you will be the most comfortable in because in the long run, a good college experience is priceless.


choose something that feels right. the academics aren't nearly as important, as having the right fit. if a person wants to make school more difficult for themselves then it would otherwise be, they can. the academics can change to fit the needs of each student. the social atmosphere of a campus though, cannot be changed. not in any quick, dramatic kind of way. if the school you're visiting doesn't feel right, then i wouldn't go there. thats what most important, i think. there are lots of schools out there, all with different academic and social profiles. as for making the most, i'd say that its best to jump right in to college. dont' hesitate to seek out avenues of campus activism, making the most of the time you have there. i approach my time in college as being a part of a mini experiment; where i can test out different methods of organization, advertising, etc. that i can put to use later in life. i'm very active on my campus, and i couldn't be happier any other way.


Don't worry about it so much. You'll find a way to fit in wherever you end up, and you're virtually guaranteed to have fun. It's college, after all.


Based on my own experience I would advise parents and/or students to choose a school where the student feels the most comforted and assured. Money does not matter in the decision making process. If a student goes to a school where they feel as though they can not be themselves then how are they to become properly well rounded? A reassured student feels confident in personal interaction with their peers and professors, opening them up to more opportunities to ask questions and form study groups. If their social life is hurting due to discomfort in their surroundings then they are not receiving the complete education they could have had they gone to a college where they were able to be who they are inside, feeling completely comfortable with themselves and their abilities. Making the most of one?s college education includes participating in not only class lectures and clubs but finding one?s true niche in life which most often results from making mistakes and taking wrong turns. Go out and make mistakes and do things out of the comfort level! Personal experience is the best key to success in the real world today.


While I found that visiting school after school helped me learn about my different choices, it didn't give me a true idea of what would make me happy. Most of the schools I went to just gave a tour and interview on an empty campus during the summer and sent me on my way like one of thousands of other visitors each year. When I visited Willamette, the last school on my list after trips from my home in California to places as far as the Southern US, the Midwest, and the East Coast to visit schools I was pleasantly surprised. Tour guides at other schools had been well trained and friendly, but at Willamette the tour guide started right in telling us the personal details of school like the traditions and quirks that only students who have been there at least a year would usually be privy to. I learned that on birthdays, the celebrated students get tossed in the stream running through campus, and that while the fountain near the addmissions office was constructed to have huge eagles on top of it, it was called the "chicken fountain" by students for its resemblence to this other species.


willamette is an excellent place for meeting people who share a passion for art and acedemics. it is a place where anyone is welcome to share their opinions and be accepted for their thoughts and feelings