William Carey University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


My school is like a second home: comfortable, supportive, and welcoming.


William Carey is a great school for those with strong Christian values or those pursuing a church or ministry-related vocation.


William Carey is alive with students dedicated to their school-work and their God as well as their individuality.


This school is great academically, however, it has no social life for students living off-campus, and because it is a private Baptist college, it's administration can be quite close-minded.


William Carey is a small community of learners that strives to attain a mix of Christian values and educational experiences while creating lasting relationships among themselves and the faculty.


My school provides quality education in a caring environment, and it helps students who are parents, work full time, or have other responsibilities to become life long problem solvers.

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