William Jewell College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Very small mob of many alike traveling on a hellish incline to substantial debt.


William Jewell College is a community of students and faculty that focus on the further education of each person as well a spiritual growth and expansion.


William Jewell is small, private, and cozy.


Jewell is a place where everyone really tries, be it at academics, faith, or tolerence for things uncommon to them.


William Jewell is a small-minded, conservative, Southern Baptist, academically rigorous, evil school where one cannot erase a mistake from freshmen year because people are too idiotic to let go of the past and the students are judgemental bigots that come from poor families and have NO CLASS whatsoever and make classes miserable because they blurt out whatever comes to their pea-brained minds.


William Jewell College is aspiring to become the Harvard of the Midwest, but is stuck in "small-town" mode.