William Jewell College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone open to new experiences and meeting new people with vibrant personalities. To attend this school, a student has to be very dedicated to their studies but still has to make time to socialize and be a part of all of the events. Time-management is required!


The type of person that should attend William Jewell is someone who is serious about the education they are receiving. Jewell is not the place to be if someone is looking for a good party school. Most of the students at Jewell are very serious about education and making a future for themselves. If you want to attend a school that will take you places, Jewell is the place to be.


I person who values learning and does extremely well in the class room. The work load can be hectic but with a proper schedule and time management; you can most definitely succeed. A person who has connections outside of the school and looks to meet new people. A person who is looking for a great education.


someone who enjoys LOTS of studying and reading and TESTS


The kind of person that should attend this school is someone who is open to all kinds of people. There is a wide diversity of students on William Jewell's campus. Even with the diversity there is a great acceptance amoung gender, race, creed, and politics. Someone who wants to go here should expect a small campus and want small classrooms with one-on-one connact with professors. The professors know your name and that is the special connection a student at William Jewell will recieve.


A person who wants to attend a college that focuses on improving the academic status of the student would fit in well at William Jewell College. Jewell is a place where people who want to live in a community setting can thrive. It is also Christian-based, however, it is more open in its beliefs. A student needs to be willing to work, but they will benefit greatly from what they learn throughout their education.


The school is a liberal arts school, so if you don't like to read then it's not going to be the best for you. I have seen every "type" of person on campus, from jock to nerd to emo. No particular mold composes the student body. William-Jewell is your life when you attend this school, you are in class all day then you have homework all night. They fill your mind and life with the topics at hand in every class you take here. So, if you go to college to party, Jewell isn't best choice.


William Jewell College is good for a student who is inquisitive and cares about diving into just about every issue and idea the world has to offer. Walking across the Quad, one will notice groups of students standing around discussion nuclear poliferation, poverty in Africa, gay rights, and any number of issues, as one might see neighbors discussing the weather. The willingness to discuss, debate, and decide solutions is what makes William Jewell College unique - and what allows it to attract a unique sort of inquiring mind.


The type of person that should attend this school is someone who wants a liberal arts education. This person should want to learn and should enjoy learning. This person should also be ready to be stressed at many points in their college experience at this school.


Academically dedicated students that are well-rounded and able to time manage greatly.


An upper class, liberal