William Paterson University of New Jersey Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


I would describe William Paterson University as an accessible school for a diversity students at an affordable cost.


It is a big school, however there are many opportunities for you to engage in activities to meet other students here. There are many different racial and ethnic groups as well so if you want to meet people that share those same qualities it is not very hard to. There are always parties going on and it can difficult to study in the dorms and apartments so many people go to the library.


William Paterson University is a challenging university with smaller classes, intelligent professors and many opportunities to learn a great deal.




William Paterson University is a great school with a great environment for meeting and making new friends.


A local state school, that most students attend because it is close to home, and relatively easy to get accepted to.


This School is a great & helpful place to discover where you want to be in life, financially, culturally, and mentally.


WPU is definitely what you make of it: academic, involved, and fun, as long as you make opportunities for yourself.


Willam Paterson University is a college aimed at students that are willing to work hard and try their best.


Different from all the rest, yet a perfect fit for me.


WPU is a consructive, friendly, supportive, and educational institution for any individual to mature to a respectable human being.


William Paterson University is offers a convenient education.


William Paterson is an okay school to attend if you have no other choice; what makes it a the university that it is today is the ambition of those students that attend and put their all into it.


my school is very diverse.


What you make of it is what you will get out of it and if you concentrate on your studies then you will do great, but if you distract yourself with partying and too much of a social scene then you will not get much out of school.


Its ability to impart knowledge is average and the place is fairly small, not prestigious, a bit dirty (in terms of trash lying around), and has a predominantly African-American student body.


WPU is a comfortable, ethnically diverse school that has a good variety of majors to help anyone find something they are interested in.


At this school, the more you get involved, the more you will get out of your experience here.


William Paterson University is a diverse school, the people here accept everyone no matter you rgender, race, or sexuality.


William Paterson University, a school of hard-work, hard-times, teachers who want you to succeed, students who want to help each other, extra-cirricular activities, sporting events, daily activites, tutoring centers, tutors who are avilable outside of work, food that taste awful, food that taste good, and the best college experience you willl ever have.


A perfect sized diverse learning community.


William Paterson University is an institution that offers a prestigious education by highly esteemed faculty members, simultaneously, providing students with the skills to succeed in the workplace and in life.


It is very culturally diverse and everyone is open-minded to each other's differences.


William Paterson University is a school that challanges you to think outside the box.


Its Just Awesome


Great Education, good campus, poor activities for the students, and a boring neighborhood to be in; id rather go to school at a community college and get the same education, then wasting money here


This school is helpful and motivating on a personal level, but only for students who are more determined, the students who really need help, encouragement and activities need to be targeted.


William Paterson University is a good time.