William Paterson University of New Jersey Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates vary from quiet, outgoing, shy to studious, to athletic and generally nice.


My classmates are very diverse and Cliché.


They tend to be welcoming to other students. There is a lot of group work so you get to meet many students in your classes. Some students seem to keep to themselves but they can be nice when working in groups. This helps you break down some barriers with people that are different from you and that you may never have talked to prior to class.


All of my classmates are unique and bring their own personality into the classroom which makes for a positive enviroment both in and outside the classroom.


Very friendly and everyone there seems about my age; a little nervous about what's up ahead.


Suck-ups, lazy, idiots


My classmates are different and accepting.


Most of my classmates were friendly and very focused on what they were at WPU for. I have made friends that I will have for a life time. I remamber that when we had class projects most of the students were pretty responsible.


My fellow classmates are eager, attentive and responsive to learning as well as willing to work together.


i dont know them


They are interesting and fun to be with in class.


My classmates are a diverse and dynamic group of focused individuals.


Most are very friendly and ready and willing to participate in group discussions.


My classmates are nice people and they can be fun to hang out with, but they are mostly interested in their own studies and not with starting new things on their own.


My classmates are all different races and ethnicities. What they all have in common is the drive to succeed. I think they would all do anything to make sure they got the highest grade possible. Having fun is a priority, but I really feel like grades are the most important things in life. It sounds good, but it's not, because, they are striving to get an A, but sometimes they really aren't even learning anything.


Some are really there to learn, and some act like they're still in high school.


Most of my classmates are from New Jersey although their backrounds and ethnicities are diverse much like the state itself.


Classmates are always understandng people whom I can relate too.