William Paterson University of New Jersey Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


William Paterson University is well known for it's diversity, small ration classes, and recently it well known programs of nursing and also music. William Paterson is personally best known to me because of it's small ratio classing. Since it has a small class, it's easier to learn from the teacher and the teacher can talk to you one on one. That is what William Paterson University is best known for.


Nursing, Music, and Business.


Our school is best known for having the best music department in the nation, being the 3rd largest school in the state of New Jersey, and having a really great education and business department.


William Paterson University is best known for the Jazz program. It is the best in the country. As well as for Christopher Costakos Buisness School.


I believe that the school takes pride on their very rigorous academic program and the achievements of our many students, including myself.


teaching and nursing programs


We are known for being involved in activities and getting to know people on our campus.


To my knowledge, William Paterson University is best known for the nursing program. People tend to talk about how difficult the classes are. The students have to remember every detailed parts of the body, not to mention the words are extremely hard to make sense out of it. All i can say is: it's totally Greek to me. In addition, tests are also difficult to pass. It seems like some of my friends that majored in Nursing don't even have social life. Whenever i see them, they tend to have piles of books around them.


Music and Nursing programs


Education and art


Our school is best known for its nursing, teaching, business, and music programs. I have met people from around the United States and even international students who have come to William Pterson especially for these programs.


I would say the Music School and that flows over, because you constantly have opportunities to hear them play, whether in their auditorium or even in the school Cafe. Another would be the small classroom sizes. It gives students a chance to build relationships with their professors.


They are best known for their amazing department for the arts; music, theatre, etc


My school is best known for its music, business, communications and education programs. It also has an excellent internship program.


Construction that took place over 4 years.


Great teaching school, nursing school, and MUSIC school


Sports, Nursing, and Business


William Paterson University is best known for the extreme diversity of students and faculty that we have.


Despite that I am a Nursing Major and a Psychology Minor and more than pleased with my programs, I believe our school is best known for our Jazz education. We have an incredible music departmant.


~An affordable college education ("diamond in the rough school" ---> high quality professors/education compared to cost) ~great for commuting (e.g. not being able to afford living on campus) ~nice surrounding environment/campus (pretty--green!!) approx 45 min from NYC