William Paterson University of New Jersey Top Questions

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William Paterson is unique due to its great variety of people on a perfect sized campus.


William Paterson is unique because it is trying to be greener by providing solar panels in almost every parking lot so they save energy. Also, William Paterson University is close to places such as NYC, so taking trips to museums and other places for your academics is accessible.


Why is William Paterson University unique compared to other schools? Compared to Rutger's University, William Paterson let's the teacher and student communicate with each other without the disturbance of a long cue from others. The teacher knows your name and face unlike other schools where you have to make an high academic score to be noticed. So personally, the uniqness of William Paterson University is the ratio they have with teacher compared to students compared to other Universities.


The diversity of the student body.


William Paterson Is a very nice school. They is alot to be learned there. They is alot of activitys to get involved in. The school is clean and a great place to study. The school has a very mature and safe atmospere that makes going to school a good experience.


The teachers are always helpful and on top of their email. You get an answer in hours in compared to days!


William Paterson is only half an hour from home for me, and one of few that offers the program I was looking for. It is also the only one that offered me a full tuition scholarship. The atmosphere on campus is friendly and inviting. The wooded setting is pretty. Our education, nursing, art, music, business and communication disorders programs are among the best in the country.


The reason I chose the school was because of the scholarship that they had awarded me. So I think the appropriate answer to this question would be that they are very generous when it comes to scholarships. Furthermore, the general area I live in is diverse, no other 4-year university comes as close as William Paterson University in personifying the diversity of the area.


This school did not have most of my graduating high school class. Many schools closer to home would have been like going to high school. This school also had a higher rate of diversity among the students and staff.


It's a very diverse community. It's easy to make friends and everyone is very easy-going. The students are balanced in work and play.


They offer a decent amount of financial aid in forms of scholarships like the Presidential which I received that pays for tuition and fees.


Its very sefl contained; there isn't a lot of reason to need to leave campus.


They offered an honors program and scholarship.


This University is unique because there seems to be no drama or fights amongst the students here. most if not everyone gets along. the classes are not big and most the professors are easy going.


The general atmosphere of the school greatly differs from the other schools I considered. It is not small as Seton Hall University and it is not as large as Ramapo seemed. The size of the school made it much more comfortable for me throughout my years attending and created a better learning atmosphere for me.


I believe my university is very unique because it has many courses and help to offer. In this school there is a departments and offices for everything to help one suceed. All questions are answered with out a doubt. Professor and faculty members are very helpful and would do anything to help one enhance there knowledge


Our school is in the heart of Wayne and Haledon, we have many convienant stores, banks and such around that there is always something to do around campus.


It has a well credited education program.