William Paterson University of New Jersey Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


WPU is not very well know school, so notbso many people do know it and it doesn't have a good location on the international level. however I consider itvas a hidden gim


WPU is not very well know school, so notbso many people do know it and it doesn't have a good location on the international level.


I brag about the extra-curricular activities that my school offers. I like my major program with Broadcast Journalism. I really love the hands on experience I am getting. I have my own personal show on our campus radio. The help I have gotten helped me narrow down what I'd like to do when I graduate with Journalism being so vast.


the first thing that comes to mind is the vollyball team and the football team. I am also involved in lots of humanity based charities and walking for breast cancer.


I often tell them how friendly the other students are and how enjoyable the common hours are. Also if you need a place for quiet studying, the library is huge and has everything you need.


That I went to school and they didn't. I'll also feel more confident about searching for the job of my dreams. I could walk around knowing that I've learned a good deal about how the world works. Also I'll have the tools to advance in the world.


All of the great activities that the school has to offer on the weekends to keep the students involved and on campus.


Nothing at all.


The diversity of people and the open atmosphere.


The students at William Paterson are just so friendly and down to earth. The activites on campus are fun because the students at the college do everything possible to make sure the other students have a great time.


I brag most about our student center, we have Burger King, Sabarro, Asian Express, Quiznos, and William Paterson Wingery inside we also have the Pioneer resturant built in side as well. Lastly we also have Starbucks inside.


The thing I brag about most when I go to school is the diversity among the students. William Paterson University has a very diverse population. I love meeting people from different background's and from different areas in New Jersey. Although most of us grew up in the same state, every town is very different. I love meeting people from all over and seeing what they have to offer.


The diversity of the campus. The education that is provided and the certifications they offer for your field. The hard working individuals that I meet everyday in class regarding older students, working two jobs, raising children, and etc.


I tell my friends that my school is 20 minutes away from the City (New York City) also that we have a pretty descent Basketball team.


i don't brag.


The teaching program at William Paterson University is advanced and prestigious and is well known around the country.


William Paterson University has such a random campus terrain. There is no other campus with such steep incline of hills or random wooded areas. At one step, you're overlooking New York City. However, if you take another step forward, you see nothing but trees. One morning you might see turkeys picking at dead grass outside of your dorm, but another day you might see chipmunks scurrying around the bushes going to class. That's the epitome of diversity here on campus, and one of the best things to be proud of.


The arcade is what i brag the most to my friends about. The prices are cheaper than when you go to an arcade off campus and there are pool tables and ping pong tables to play with also.


I would say, the Starbucks that we have in the student center. It may not be exactly the real deal, but it is pretty close and very convenient.


What I tell my friends is that William Paterson is a school of focus. The focus on one's future. It is a school that encourages one become and develop ambitious and motivated behavior and thoughts while giving advice and guidance if one were to need it. I tell them that William Paterson is great, especially in the areas which is its strength, such as in the education and business programs.


its convinent. everything seems to be around campus. we have food courts on campus and cvs and 711 are not to far. we also have banks and supermarkets 5 min drive away.


The opportunity to have so many options for careers and cultural experiences because New York City is so close to the campus. It's so easy to see an opera or visit a major broadcasting company that you might intern for.


The one thing I brag most about my university is the opportunity to get very involved on campus. The fact that more people get a chance to know you from campus activities, and are since they know you will lookout for certain opportunities that will benefit you.


My grades, thats about it. Nothing much to brag about in terms of fun.


the people here are esay to get along. the campus is not to big so you can walk to most classes. the classes are not too big and for the most part most of the staff is friendly.


Only come here if your doing Business,Art, Nursing or physch


I say that my school has comfortable living quarters and the teachers do not require much work to get a decent grade.