William Paterson University of New Jersey Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


I you're the kind if person who will be committed for only going to school and you exactly know what you want then WPU is good for you, otherwise don't waste your time and money going there.


My school has a broad variety of majors that will provide any of its students with an education that suits their potential and goals for the future. The professors are well educated in their subjects and extremely dedicated to their lessons. The school has various centers that tutor the students in all subjects, so that they may achieve success throughout their years as scholars. Any student that wishes to have an excellent education in their area of preference, while attending a great learning environment, should attend William Paterson University; a multicultural, accepting, financially accessible and top notch education facility.


Sudents thats are serious about their major . A student that is willing to help others. Someone who takes proud in representing the college in a postive manner.


You need to be willing to work hard, and have good reading and writing skills. There are a lot of different types ofpeople, so there is room for a lot of different types of people in college. personalities ranged from quiet and studious to outgoing and social. I feel that the person should be goal oriented and know what they want for theirselves. Have dreams and work hard to get and accomplish those dreams.


Any kind of person can be successful at this school because of its level on acceptance of other individuals.


The type of person who isn't equipped for Ivy League. That are not looking to get their money's worth.


People that should attend this college are, those that want to be aware of the invieroment and that like to play a sports. The people here are very friendly.


Any person who is eager to get an education, loves the outdoors, as well as diversity within classes should attend William Paterson University. The enviornment is friendly and there is always an activity occuring on campus. Therefore, just about anyone should be able to attend this school because depending on your personality, you can mix into any type of ambiance which you are feeling. Whether it's a quite afternoon in the librabry, or an exciting Greek Probate event, one will adjust to their corresponding enviornment.


All students who like a mid size campus where a person does not get lost in the crowd. it is a close community and friendly. It has many activiites for students. A student who is hard working and wants to succeed.


Someone who is more goal oriented than caught up in living the college life itself. Someone who has a goal mind and wants to work while in college.


Anyone ready to take their education to the next level. But I would recommend the school to students who have no problem being in classes with people from all over the world, coming from different backrounds and and upbringings.


The type of person that should attend William Paterson is conservative. If your more to yourself, but socialize here and there than you are perfect. Alot of students at William Paterson are more to themselves, but engage with others sometimes, mostly for assignments when they have to work together or eating lunch. I think this behavior stems from a big percentage of students who commute.There are some groups on campus that invites students to come and interact with other students, but for the most part everyone is not so friendly, but not mean either.


The type of person that should attend William Paterson is a student willing to work, is tolerent of other cultures, and is a responsible adult.


Someone who wants to learn for the sake of learning and to better their future.


I think people who attend this school should be willing to make the most of their college experience. Some people complain that there is nothing to do, but that is only because they haven't gotten out there and looked for something that appeals to them. There's a lot to do if you look. I also think people should be ready to be challenged academically and to be serious and focused aout their studies. Too many people expect their grades to be handed to them without working for them.


The type of person that should attend this school is someone who is comfortable in diverse settings and does not feel comfortable in a diverse environment. The person should also be aware that it is not considered a "party" school and is usually quiet on the weekends, the majority of the students are commuters. The person should also be the type of person that is friendly and socialable and is comfortable talking and discussing in and outside the classroom.


someone who wants to go into music or teaching


I feel that with different majors this answer would vary, so I'll answer for nursing majors. You must have determination, compassion, goals, a good work ethic, and strength. The nursing program is very difficult, so to excell you should want it badly and study hard. You need to understand that you won't have a big social life for four years. However, it's all worth it when you get your degree and are able to do what you love and help people. Nursing is an art and you have to go through a transition to get there.


Any kind of person should attend this school. The school offers a variety to find the needs of almost any type of student. The Music program at the University is very good and I also heard the same about the Business school.


William Paterson University is the right place for a student who wants to have wild animals as his or her walking buddy to class. There are always turkeys, chipmunks, ground hogs, deer or raccoons wandering around campus. Occassionally, there's a random black cat. If you're lucky, you even get to see a bear or wolf. Being a student here, especially in the fall, is like reliving the beginning of the movie, The Lion King. With so many animals, you can't help but feel that the animals are a part of your student family.


William Paterson University may not be the most prestigious school in New Jersey, it may not have a strong sense of community, and it may not challenge its students to their fullest abilities. However, the resources and instructors are available here for any truly motivated student to obtain a quality education -- just don't expect the faculty to hand it to you. While many of the students seem to attend this school as an "easy way out", if you are a self starter with a keen interest in your field, you can make William Paterson University work for you.


Ideally, someone who came from a lower class or middle class family should attend. He or she should have a very strong work ethic on account of the fact that the college's reputation alone will definitely not sway employers or graduate schools. Last but not least, it would be best if they weren't racist.


The kind of person that is self-motivated and is going to school only for their own advancement. Otherwise, the whole experience really isn't worth the money. I don't consider it the real college experience.


The type of individual that should attend this school is one who is a seeker. A seeker that has a drive to enhance themselves by becoming more developed as a human being so that they may offer more to themselves and to society. The kind who wants to actively learn and socialize with other people. It's a great school for the person who feels that they need to be in a balanced atmosphere of knowledge and enjoyment.


Our school does not cater specially for one kind of person. A person who is willing to take charge of their own future will do best at William Paterson because that person is the one who will seek out the opportunities that we offer here. However, if someone is not a type-A personality, he or she will still succeed here, as long as he or she asks for help.


Any type of person can attend William Paterson University. It's open to everyone because there your race, gender, background, sexual preference or religion isn't looked down upon, it's welcomed. There you can find a diversity of people from different places allowing its students to interact with everyone. If there was a requirement to attend this school it would be that the students want to have more in life, not just a simple education then a degree but meeting new people, joining clubs and having fun in the process.




Anyone with an open mind, and a goal set.


The type of person who does not mind mediocrity and is willing to get C's in order to achieve their degree.


School sprit should be encouraged. Groups and clubs should find better ways to make the ethnic groups feel more welcome. Campus Activities should give a little more freedom to students when planning events. More events should be planned for the weekends to make the campus more lively.


A person that attends this school should enjoy variety and be open to new things.