William Paterson University of New Jersey Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


If your are a student who is only coming for fun and have no desire to finish your Bachlorat degree, then you can save your time and money by not attending WPU, because its not the right place for you.


A person who does not care about their future and is not willing to put in the work and effort it takes to succeed should not attend this school.


I would say someone who should not attend this school, is someone who is not prepared to work extremely hard for their degree, or someone who is looking for a large social life.


Some one who is racist, someone who wants to take college seriously, someone who likes to party, someone who wants a college experiance they'll never forget


Any person who does not take their education seriously.


Someone who Isn't ready to succeed in life shouldn't atten this school. College is serious work.


I think that anyone will fit in here!


Someone who intends to go into a professional school after receiving their bachelor's degree.


Someone who is not willing to engage themself in commitment to academic excellence, and even social activity.


A Closed minded person, who's life isnt in order quite yet.


Students who aren't prepared to take on large workloads as well as those who don't know how to manage and/or balance their social, school and worklives.


someone who wants to go pre-med, pre-law, or pre-engineering


I think any and everyone who is interested in attending a four year college should attend this school.


You shouldn't attend this school if you don't have a car or don't plan on having a car because it's very unfriendly to walkers. Everything worth going to is a long drive away. There's one bus that comes to the school to take you to New York City which makes up for the lack of activities on the weekend, but it runs every hour or two, doesn't run on sundays and not very reliable.


The kind of person who should go to this school is someone who is open to new ideas and open to the opinions of others whtehther they agrre with it or not. Also someone who is open to diversity and friendly.


The type of person who does not care about their education.


A prospective college student who is looking to attend a larger university shouldn't attend William Paterson. One who is looking for bigger classes shouldn't be interested. Also, if you plan on living on campus, William Paterson may not be the best choice although the dorms are up and coming.


someone who wants to be in a big school setting where most of the students live on campus. because william paterson is more of a commuter school.


Any kind of person that wants an affordable education in and environment that has just about everything to offer.


I would have to say that narrow minded, people that have no tolerance for outher cultures should not attend this school. We are rather diverse school.